Which Travel Magazines You Should Read?

With the modern world happening at a fast speed, we barely find the time and will to go on vacation. No matter how busy we are, we should always find time for traveling as it brings so many good things for our life.


  • 1 Why does traveling is so important for us?
  • 2 Which travel magazines are most popular right now?
    • 2.1 National Geographic Traveler
    • 2.2 Afar
    • 2.3 Cruise Travel
    • 2.4 Cruise World
    • 2.5 Destinations
    • 2.6 Travel& Leisure
    • 2.7 Trailer life
    • 2.8 American Road
    • 2.9 Sunset
    • 2.10 Vacations
    • 2.11 Conde Nast Traveler
    • 2.12 Wanderlust

Why does traveling is so important for us?

Traveling and observing new landscape and cultures is rewarding, as there are so many great things on Earth to know about. Most of us will never have the possibility of exploring the whole planet, but travel magazines can help us make an idea about the amazing world out there.

Not only that, traveling gives us the possibility to meet new people and find out new cultures, but it also changes us on a personal level. Which are the best travel destinations? What to do once we get there?

These are all questions to which travel magazines (good ones, anyway), can help us make an idea about our next trip.

Which travel magazines are most popular right now?

The diversity of travel magazine is generous, but it can become intimidating to find the best one. Scroll down to check the best options at the moment. It’s not so much of classification, but rather a random listing:

  • National Geographic Traveler

It’s probably the most common name within the category. It’s related to the National Geographic publication and doesn’t go far from the high standards of National Geographic. The fantastic quality for the photos and the comprehensive information accompanying the pictures is what makes it one of the best choices amongst travel magazines.

  • Afar

Even though Afar is rather new on the market, it still manages to stand out from many travel magazines. Its articles and stories talk about particular travels and secret adventures all over the planet. It’s all about cultural diversity, which may be the main reason for which Afar has its unique place out there. Its stories are award-winning, which only increases its value.

  • Cruise Travel

If seafaring adventures and boat traveling is your cup of tea, Cruise Travel is one magazine to read before going to bed. Its content focuses on itineraries, cruise lines, particular destinations, and pricing, helping you plan your ocean adventure in no time!

  • Cruise World

Keeping it in the same theme, Cruise World is another magazine to read if ocean traveling is appealing to you. It addresses to both experienced sea travelers and cruising enthusiasts, with articles about sailing practices, life by the sea, and even sailboat reviews.

  • Destinations

It’s a digital magazine focusing on the global citizen that wants to know the whole wide world. It displays photography, but also well-written articles and videos that speak the language of its readers. The central concept of this digital magazine is that traveling should be an essential sector of one’s life. It has around 120,000 subscribers every month, addressing to people aged between 20-45 mostly.

  • Travel& Leisure

This travel magazine is great for both people that haven’t traveled just yet and people that barely spend some time at home. It contains incredible photographs of various areas of the world, but also detailed articles about cultures and their people. Many consider Travel&Leisure to be one of the most immersive publications at the moment, with materials concentrating on the experiences of locals. Unlike other opponents, this one also includes stories of locals about their culture, helping you make an idea about people living in that part of the world. Let’s not forget the tips and reviews inside that ease out the preparation process for any traveler.

  • Trailer life

Is traveling by recreational vehicle your thing? If so, you should give Trailer Life a read as it tells you about the best camps to visit, maintenance advice for your RV, and even shopping guide for RVs. It’s one of the most respected publications for RV users, so give it a look.

  • American Road

Traveling around America on wheels is excellent, and you shouldn’t go until you give American Road a good read. The magazine highlights the fantastic aspects of traveling through the US by RV, car, or motorcycle. It’s inspiring for many, and people often decide to try this traveling after reading the magazine. The articles are loaded with recommendations about traveling by vehicle, maintenance of vehicles and includes photos for better convincing.

  • Sunset

Western sunsets are always a fun traveling destination, and Sunset is going to tell you all about it. It provides all the info you need before heading towards the western US. The magazine includes four categories (Home&Garden, Food&Drink, Travel, and Best of the West), with photos and articles that complete the description of this fantastic part of the US.

  • Vacations

The practicality of the content is what makes Vacations one of the most respected names within the category. It addresses the average American traveler, giving tips about the price deals on restaurants and hotels. Anyone traveling in the US should read it at least once. It’s targeting Americans, but you can also find the international version to be interesting.

  • Conde Nast Traveler

Winning more than 25 national magazine awards, Conde Nast Traveler is quite popular. Its writers travel on personal budgets and offer the readers their take on cruising. It’s what makes it communicate with its readers on another level. It also includes real photography from a traveler’s perspective, helping readers make an idea about a possible destination.

Over the years, Conde Nast Traveler has managed to become one of the most representative magazines within the luxury travel world. It has one Reader’s Choice awards several times, and its essays and guides are always a good read.

  • Wanderlust

It’s a new travel magazine, and it’s all about the mysterious world of nature. It’s the leading travel magazine in the UK, but it started to win more and more fans around the world too. The forum helps a lot with the information, easing out the traveling plans for many people.

The magazine also has a digital scrapbook so that you may store your planning info, with the Trip Finder feature making planning a breeze.