What are archery targets, and how should you buy one?

The sport of archery is as old as time itself. From mythical tales to modern-day Olympic competitions, bows and arrows have created many magnificent accounts of history together,

But that one thing which never fails to amaze us is how a substantial period of rigorous training, makes an archer capable enough to hit the bull’s eye every single time!

It is not only a great test of dedication but also an immense one of patience, that rewires the mind to achieve a successful shot each time their bow lets go of the arrow.

And like all things in this world, the practices for archery starts with one crucial thing: the archery target.

Now, it may take about a million shots or more to become a successful archer, but what contributes to the overall process of becoming one is a suitable archery target.

Because not only does it take your million arrows, but it also provides immense motivation and a brutal challenge. As you see it standing with the glowing red bull’s eye each time you face it.

And, right now, if you’re thinking about getting in the game and give it your all, then you must get yourself and archery target right away!

What should you look for while getting one? Stay tuned for the rest of the guide to know all about it!


  • 1 What is an archery target?
  • 2 What to look for while buying an archery target?
    • 2.1    1. Thickness and durability
    • 2.2    2. Size
    • 2.3    3. Self-healing material
    • 2.4    4. Arrow compatibility
    • 2.5    5. Mobility
    • 2.6 Conclusion

What is an archery target? 

An archery target is a kind of standing post which displays a painted pattern of concentric circles that serve as the aim for the archer to shoot arrows at.

Target archery goes back as early as the late 19th century when it emerged as a popular method for hunting and a method of warfare.

Although both purposes of the act have declined, it has itself has become a popular sport worldwide.

Target archery involves shooting arrows towards a target that is placed at a set distance. Archers are usually judged according to their accuracy at hitting the target over the specific distance.

Also, at times, the targets are placed at a specific spot in the woods, to be hit by the archer. This is known as field archery, and it’s prevalent in Europe and America.

There are, in fact, several types of targets that are used in archery. These include:

  • Traditional bull’s eye targets
  • 3D targets
  • Bags, and,
  • Cubes

Different types of targets are used for different forms of archery and you need to know which one is best for you.

What to look for while buying an archery target?

Although buying an archery target shouldn’t be as intimidating as it might sound right now, there are certain things that you should look for while getting one, nonetheless. The target that you buy for training sessions should be of standard professional-grade in order to rule out any inaccuracies during practices. Don’t worry if don’t know to buy a target, read this archery targets guide.

Otherwise, you may end up practicing the sport in the wrong way, using the incorrect measurement or calibration.

Therefore, we are listing all the vital determinants of an archery target right here so that you’re able to pick just the correct thing for yourself.

   1. Thickness and durability

The thickness of an archery target is what determines its quality and durability. A decent archery target will have a few layers on itself so that your arrows can stick better to it. And also hold up that way till the specifications of the shot are decided by the judges to come to a conclusion.

Never compromise on the quality of the materials of the target as these are the things that contribute significantly to your performance.

Also, the thickness of the target acts as a protective measure against the vagaries of nature. Since you have to leave your target outside for most of the time, it may get damaged by inclement weather such as rain or snow or hotter temperatures.

The thickness of the target may help to maintain the longevity of the product by preventing damage to perpetrate into it easily.

   2. Size

The sizes of archery targets vary greatly, catering to the different levels of expertise. Usually, the targets for beginners are made to be bigger with the concentric circles being wider, for ease of practice.

Conversely, the archery targets meant for professional use could be smaller and more specific in calibration. This ups the difficulty level of the game, posing a challenge to the archers.

The ideal target for you will depend on your ease of use and the level of difficulty you’re looking to deliver at.

   3. Self-healing material

Ever wondered how an archery target never gets worn out even after getting pierced time and again by countless arrows? That is because these are made using materials such as rubber, foam. The best kind is actually rubber foam that’s incredibly resilient.

When the arrow pierces the target, the material shrinks back together, once you’ve pulled the arrow out, making it look as if it was never hit, to begin with.

However, these won’t self-heal forever, and if you pierce a spot repeatedly, then it will definitely develop a hole on it.

   4. Arrow compatibility

If the targets that you use are made of inferior materials, then they could damage your arrows in no time at all. Also, arrows could get destroyed if you hit a large bull’s eye spot time and again.

This leads to grouping of the arrows at the same spot, potentially causing them to split one another in the process.

Get a target that has a consistent concentration of circles so that you could hit different spots easily without much obstruction.

   5. Mobility

Lastly, if you do think that you may have to move around your archery target quite a bit or carry around to different locations frequently, then, by all means, do make sure that it isn’t too heavy.

Go for lightweight and portable targets which will make it easy for you to travel with them.

However, still, do not settle for cheap or flimsy alternatives, even if you do think they’ll help. The chances are that they will do more harm to your training than good.


And did you know that the ones fond of archery or experts at the sport are known as toxophilite?

Well, with that bit of information, we’ll sign off for now.

We hope that we were able to give you an idea of the essentials of archery targets. And here’s wishing spectacular wins for you always!

Till next time!