Tips for Buying the Ideal Dove Hunting Chair

When you’re in the market for a dove hunting chair, there are a few things which are worth considering. The ideal seat will help keep you cool in the summer, it is much quieter than a ground cushion chair or seat, and is compact making it easier to transport.

The chair will look like your typical TV seat, but with an adjustable tree and shoulder strap. Plus, it should be lightweight weighing an average of perhaps 5lbs at most.

Most of all a dove hunting chair should be comfortable, Afterall you’ll be spending a lot of time on it! That said there are a few other things to consider when in the market for the ideal chair for your next dove hunting expedition.



  • 1 Make sure it is Sturdy
  • 2 Check out the Storage Underneath
  • 3 Convenient to Setup
  • 4 The Ability to Swirl is A Bonus
  • 5 Take Your Time

Make sure it is Sturdy

You’ll always want to consider a chair that’s made from aluminum with a capacity of around 250lbs at least. Make sure that it has an anodized finish which ensures that the chair is durable, looks good and is silent.

Most chairs used for hunting are foldable, but it should be easy to fold so that taking it from one position to the next does not feel like a chore. Some chairs come with a few years of warranty, others which we recommend come with a lifetime warranty.

Check out the Storage Underneath

Apart from comfort and durability the ideal chair will be versatile. When you’re out dove hunting having a bit of extra storage space is indeed a bonus. You never know how useful it is until you don’t have it.

Check if the chair you are considering has some underneath storage. A pouch or space for a bag can be a big help.

Convenient to Setup

When out dove hunting time is of the essence and can make a big difference in what you get at the end of the day. That’s why it is so important for hunters to choose a chair that’s easy to assemble.

A dove hunting chair that’s convenient to setup saves time and energy is the best one. Some chairs are cleverly designed to help hunters save time and can easily fit into a blind bag. Some of these chairs can easily be converted into a bag which can store a few essentials. Personally, the one that folds into a bag is pretty neat and practical. However, you need to find one which is quite as any sound from the chair can potentially scare away the prey.

The Ability to Swirl is A Bonus

If the chair can swirl easily without so much as a squeak, then that’s a bonus feature worth considering. However, that extra feature shouldn’t come at the expense of weight, and comfort for the most part.

Take Your Time

You might love hunting doves but finding the right chair is imperative to your success. Always take your time to find the right dove hunting chair. Try out a few and read a couple of reviews before deciding on the one you think is the best.