Swivel Hunting Chair-9 Things that Count When Buying

No matter if you’re hunting in a ground blind, a box blind or in open field, a swivel hunting chair may be the best piece of gear that you can use.

Some come with carrying straps and collapse in a blink of an eye, whereas others are incredibly silent as you’re rotating the position. Comfort, adjustability, quietness, portability, and strength are only some of the aspects to consider when selecting your swivel hunting chair.

As we want to meticulous within our explanation, let’s take a closer look at all the things that make the difference between poor quality and a dependable swivel hunting chair. The last thing you want is to be out there in the field only to realize that your hunting chair is the loudest piece of gear you ever had on you.


  • 1 1. Level of comfort
  • 2 2. The material for the body and the seat
  • 3 3. The height of the chair
  • 4 4. The weight& portability
  • 5 5. Durability and weight capacity
  • 6 6. Easy setup
  • 7 7. The level of noise
  • 8 8. Rotation and adjustability
  • 9 9. Price
  • 10 One last piece of advice

1. Level of comfort

Even if portability is essential, you should never compromise on the support of the chair either. As a matter of fact, satisfaction is probably the most critical aspect in a swivel hunting chair. Plenty of hunters out there don’t mind carrying a chair that is heavy but is the most comfortable chair they ever used.

When you’re hunting throughout an entire day, comfort is fundamental for your peace of mind — comfortable fabrics and ergonomic design matter a lot when selecting your chair. You don’t want to hunt and end up with a bad back that puts you in bed for days.

You can find swivel hunting chairs that feature a padded backrest and cushioned seat. Even though a rigid material is more durable, it somewhat lacks the comfort so pay attention to both.

2. The material for the body and the seat

You want a swivel hunting chair to be reliable, which is why a durable material is fundamental. Not only that a thin fabric isn’t going to take the use for a reasonable amount of time, but it’s not going to be safe for you either. Look for the steel-made body that handles the harsh environment and has just the right shape for your needs.

As for the seat, you want it to be as comfortable as it can. You want durability and comfort altogether, which polyester or foamed seat can provide. You don’t want the material of the seat to be thin as it’s going to tear apart after a few hunting sessions.

3. The height of the chair

The height of the chair is a matter of taste. It all depends on how you like the seat: high or low. If you’re into hunting, a minimalistic swivel hunting chair with numerous features is a great option. Go with a plane chair when you plan a game, but if you’re expecting to spend the whole day in the chair, a comfortable chair should be on your list.

4. The weight& portability

Hunting is a lot about changing your locations within just one hunting season. When you move from one place to another, a lightweight chair is fundamental. A long-lasting hunting chair is made with heavy-duty materials, which means more weight. You need to find one that is portable and durable at the same time.

You’re going to carry plenty of things and gear while you’re hunting, which is why a lightweight swivel hunting chair is going to be your best option.

Heavy gear means you’re going to get tired faster and slower too. You don’t want the chair to be too heavy, so look for a chair that is comfortable but doesn’t alter your hunting experience in any way.

As for portability, it’s essential to look for the carrying features of the chair. You don’t want the carrying straps to strain your body. A foldable chair is something to look for, without ever forgetting to consider the weight.

5. Durability and weight capacity

Strength and weight capacity relate a lot, with the rule of thumb that the more durable the chair is, the higher the weight capacity is going to be. It goes without saying that you don’t want to buy a chair that takes only a couple of hunting sessions.

The durability of the chair counts for the weight capacity as well, so take a good look at the strength and sturdiness of the chair. The main element gives you a hint on the toughness of the frame and long-lasting chairs feature a contoured seat and aluminum body.

Don’t forget that the materials of the chair have to take the elements well. Mud, high temperatures, and mud are frequent when hunting, so you want materials that handle them.

6. Easy setup

You don’t want to spend much time when setting up your hunting gear. Let’s not forget that you may also have to move a lot when hunting, so straightforward setup is mandatory. A swivel hunting chair that is easy to put together is going to save a lot of your energy and time.

Easy setup is one key feature for the swivel hunting chairs. It’s why the majority of them are foldable and turn into a bag for carrying.

7. The level of noise

If you’ve been hunting, you know that being silent out there is also essential. Therefore, your gear has to be quiet as well, and the swivel hunting chair makes no exception. The last thing you want is to create a squeak while you’re turning or you’re standing up from your chair.

Now that we’re here let’s remind you that the swivel hunting chair has also to be scentless. It’s going to help you become less noticeable for your game.

8. Rotation and adjustability

Some hunting chairs are going to rotate into 180 degrees, whereas others are going to rotate 360 degrees. It’s also essential that you’re able to make adjustments for the seat, the backrest or the height. You want the chair to match your body type and needs the best way possible, for getting in the comfort zone.

9. Price

Even if the swivel hunting chair isn’t the most expensive piece of gear for hunting, it all comes back to what you want from a hunting chair. The more features you want in a chair, the more bucks you’re going to have to pay for it. It only makes sense, though, that a swivel hunting chair with backrest is going to be pricier than a plane sitting chair any given day.

One last piece of advice

If you call yourself a hunter, you know that having the right hunting gear on you helps, but doesn’t ensure you a clean shot. At the end of the day, you’re the one pulling the trigger.