Recurve Bow Sights – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

A Field Guide to Recurve Bow Sights For Beginners

Truth be told, many hunters out there don’t really use archery hunting sights. The best part about shooting a recurve bow is the feeling of hunting traditionally. It’s only “stick and string” and your target.

However, more often than not, you’re going to have to use bow sights in order to aim and shoot your recurve bow correctly, and when that happens you going to need to know which one to use and how to use it correctly.

How to select a recurve bow sight

Once it’s obvious that you need to use  a sight, you should decide on two major things:

  • What are the main types of sight do you need?
  • Is there a specific model you need to choose from?

It goes without saying that the diversity of models may intimidate many (especially an entry level hunter). If you are a beginner, read this guide before buying.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of sights out there. once you have a clear image on each of them, selecting a type should be a breeze.

What’s to know about the open ring?

The name pretty much says it all and this one is a simple open ring. The principle of design is that you’re going to line up the target. You need to be able to see it exactly in the middle of the ring.

Despite what one may think, the open ring isn’t just affordable, but also dependable and effective most of the times.

This type of sight works great for the short-range shooting and it’s not the best option for a far-range. You’re not going to be capable to focus is the target is too far. In order to get a better understanding, try this: take the thumb and the index fingers, creating a tiny circle/ring the size of a quarter. Extend your arm, making sure that the finger-circle is the same distance from your face. This is the way a ring sight is going to be when you’re shooting your bow.

Take a look at your target through the ring. try it close to you first (up to 30ft.) and then further away. You’re going to see immediately what the problem is.

Some open rings are going to solve the problem and you should look for the best options within the category.

For instance, a good open ring should be sturdy and special. Made of several movable iris, you should be able to turn it for narrowing down the size of your open ring. This counts a lot and helps you focus your target a lot better, even if the target is far.

It seems that the Germans have discovered the secret behind the open ring sights. They create many models that work great for your archery hunting. You may find models that come with reticles (inserts) in various colors and shapes. It’s wiser to select one that doesn’t distract you while standing out from the background.

The beginner archers are going to like this type of sight a lot as the aiming process is going to be really natural. They also help one not to get distracted from the main purpose: hitting the target better.

Why do we like the pin sight?

Finding pin sights for the wooden bows is rather tricky. When you’re using a metal riser, getting a pin sight for it isn’t going to be complicated. If you’re dealing with wood, you’re going to have to drill holes and inserts for attaching them.

The pin sight divides into two categories:

   1. The single-pin sight

it’s a good choice for shooting at static targets that are placed at a specific distance from you

   2. The multi-pin sight

You should use it when shooting at moving targets (bow hunting is a great opportunity to use them). This type of sight lets you select you the perfect pin for a specific distance. The sight is typically coming with instructions for calibration. You need to set one pin for the average distance you shoot from (this is around 75ft, most of the time). you also need to set one for the shorter shots and one for the longer shots. Many experienced hunters don’t use more than 3 pins; it makes it all more annoying and you may even miss your shot.

In the case of recurve pin sights, it doesn’t really matter which type to get. The pin sight presents a simple and fundamental build and choosing wrong isn’t possible. Get one that fits your budget and has a sturdy feel to it.

You can check check our article on the whole single pin vs multi pin bow sight debate.

What about the target sights?

When it comes to this type of sights, many see them as the most impressive options out there other than using a scope.

Even if they’re more expensive than most sights around, they’re also a lot more advanced. Just make sure that you’re mentally prepared for paying a couple of hundreds for them.

The more you pay, the more you should expect in terms of performance and overall quality and the target sights don’t make an exception. Having said that, you may want to get a better recurve bow instead.

However, if your mind is set on target sight, keep in mind a couple of things. For example, they allow both vertical and windage adjustments. You may even combine them with various types of recurve bow sights for the most impressive precision. Bear in mind that there’s also a catch to them!

Apart from having to open your wallet big, you also need to take a good and honest look at your archery skills. You really need to be a highly experienced archer to get the best out of them. If a tight budget is never the case for you, you should definitely take the plunge and try them.

Expect to pay at least $ 300 for a good model; don’t forget that you can pay a lot more for the more sophisticated models. A $300 model may present a pretty simple design, but it’s going to impress with its lightweight.

Can you imagine how it is to use a 7ounces target sight? The recurve isn’t going to feel that heavy anymore and your precision is going to blow your mind.