Must-Have Hunting Dog Gear For Strong Performance

The dog is one of the greatest partners for our hunting journey. Throughout the centuries we usually use a dog as a quite liable hunter country after country and people love it.

Because dog hunts quite well and it’s one of the most obedient partners if you train them.

While hunting, to keep your dog healthy and safe is a basic need when you choose your dog as a hunting partner. Because, when your dog able to perform well you don’t need to provide too much unnecessary attention on your dog. And for this, you need some essential gear to use.

So, if you find yourself unable to keep your dog completely safe, clean with great performance, then this article will expand your understanding right way hunting dog gears to improve those situations. And you can immediately able to choose essential tools are gear for your dog in hunting time, let’s get to it…


  • 1 Must Have Dog Gear for Greater Hunting
  • 2 What kind of Dog Collar Should I Use ?
    • 2.1    1. Make Sure the Enough Food
    • 2.2    2. Keep the Water Bottle
    • 2.3    3. Use Vest to Keep Dog Safe
    • 2.4    4. Keep Dog Boots On Your List

Must Have Dog Gear for Greater Hunting

  • Use the E-Collier- We can’t go everywhere with the dog when you train or go hunting.
  • To avoid this situation, the modern E-collier system will help you a lot especially outside and hunting time.
  • Using a remote system is necessary gear to take a lot of control over your dogs with training.
  • Most people use general Collar system train dog behavioral aspects. But modern E-collar is way much more effective and attractive for multi-use.

What kind of Dog Collar Should I Use ?

There is so many Dog Collar in online like DayGlo, Leather, Nylon, leather feel, Embroidered Collars, GPS Tracker Collar and so forth. And it’s confusing to take the best one.

In this case, we recommend the collar that built in with a GPS Tracking system and the range should be ½ to 1 mile. It will track everything about where your dog is right now, so you fell more way of control all the time.

   1. Make Sure the Enough Food

High protein quality food keeps your dogs’ stamina alive. A dog usually needs more energy while hunting. If it doesn’t have the proper stamina, it’s hard for it to apply their best effort.

Types of foods you should buy for your dog should always have the following ingredients to produce more energy instantly such as; chicken, salmon, ocean fish, pea protein, etc.

In this case, the question comes to mind, how much food we need for a dog to hunt? The answer is there is no exact amount as it depends on many variables such as dog weight, how much your dog eat per meal & many more.

It precisely depends on the activity of your dog. Don’t need to feed them too much while hunting because overeating makes dog lazy make sure enough food, so your dog doesn’t suffer for it.

The Equation you can follow – Carbohydrates – 50%, Protein – 30% and Fat – 20%

   2. Keep the Water Bottle


You may think the animal can collect their water own way. And I completely agree with that.

But if you don’t find the water beside the hunting area what you do? We casually don’t share our water with the dog.

So if you have a water bottle, you are one step ahead to go. Because we all need water to live and it makes us alive.

   3. Use Vest to Keep Dog Safe

We always want to protect our dog quite consciously as much as we can.

There is some common situation dog face while hunting like cuts, abrasions, and punctures when they hunt in the brutal area. In this case, the vest is extremely important to avoid this type of phenomenon.

As you know dog mostly get hurt on the abdomen and chest. If you able safe those areas then your dog will be a breakthrough.

Because most of the animal fear of pain and they know it painless they do it anyway.

   4. Keep Dog Boots On Your List

Legs completely maintain the balance of the body — how to move and which way to move and the way to deal with the prey.

The hardest hunting for dogs to hunt on the rock, ice or any sand burrs. It hurts the legs.

In this case, you need dog boots the way your dog hunt healthy way for a long period.

Dozens of quality hunting dog boots are available like Nylon Boots, Rubber Boot, and Leather too.

Make sure the place you are going to hunt its rocks or snow use boots for a specific purpose and make dog safe from ice, rocks and harsh weather.

As you follow what we discussed here, it will cut your 50% pain when you go outside to hunt.

Remember, the dog is a smart hunter if you train and teach them well it will give you more fun and results too.

Dog love hunting so much and pretty much enjoys it. And you can help them to maintain some principle to take the real advantage from them and make it a real hunter.