Tips (5) for Choosing Your Hunting Cabin Furniture

5 Tips for Choosing the Furniture in Your Hunting Cabin & Some Extras too

You cannot call yourself a real hunter unless you have your very own and private hunting cabin. After all, you do need a place where to hang all your trophies and store your hunting accessories, right?

Joke aside, a hunting cabin is a great intimate space that most hunters need it. It’s not only for the trophies but also for the equipment and the feel you have when everything around you spells “hunting.”

What are the most common choices for hunting cabins?

Nothing says hunting better than a log house. The hunting cabin should reflect how you feel about your passion, and log cabin furniture is the no.1 choice for most hunters out there.

Here are the most typical options to use for furniture in your hunting cabin:

Log bedroom furniture

In this case, the bed is the center of attention of the bedroom. There are several log bed styles to consider, from necessary to more sophisticated models.

Amish log furniture

We all know that Amish know how to build beautiful furniture, and everyone loves the bentwood rocking chairs. Amish furniture is still handmade in the tiny Amish barns, with no compromise for the quality of the build. The Amish are very proud of their work, so they always make high-quality furniture for hunting cabins.

Rustic bedroom furniture

It’s not only the log furniture that works for hunting cabins. For instance, when you’re dealing with cramped space in your cabin, the folding bed is an option to consider. It saves you space during the day and gives you comfort for a good sleep at night. Don’t forget about the barn wood furniture, furniture with twigs and antlers, or anything with carvings or metal shapes. They all look lovely in hunting cabins too.

What wood works best in a hunting cabin?

It makes perfect sense that wood is the no.1 choice for furniture and decorations in a hunting cabin; some woods work better than others. Scroll down to find out which type of wood is an excellent choice for the furniture in your man cage:

Pine furniture

You can never go wrong with pine in a hunting cabin. It’s both easy to get and quite affordable. It’s a softwood, and its price allows you to save the money for your hunting equipment. We all know how pricey it can get. Or get a hunting chair that you can use inside your cabin and take with you out hunting.


Hickory is a great option, as it’s no pretension and has a rustic feel to it. Natural hickory present wild patterns and attractive colors, and pieces may differ dramatically. Hickory is also lovely as it darkens as the years go by. Should you look for a dramatic effect, go with natural hickory.


Nothing says high-quality better than oak. Furniture for hunting cabins is often made of hardwood as it’s simple and long-lasting. It’s beautiful, lasts forever and wears nicely too.


Alder wood presents many knots, and typically comes with red tones for the finish. It shines amazingly in Southwestern or Western décor.


Barnwood was quite the hit in the 70s, but people still go for the furniture made with barn wood.


Cedar is natural to recognize thanks to its white and red tones. When you want to create pleasant contrasts in your hunting cabin, you should combine regular furniture with some cedar pieces. For instance, you may add more warmth with a cedar rocking chair along with the cedar drawer bottoms of the bedroom furniture.

Knotty pine and lodgepole

Rustic pine furniture comes in a generous variety, and it’s a sure choice for any hunting cabin. Pine furniture is also quite popular as it’s an artistic expression of folk art. Rustic pine combines very well with any decorations, as it’s highly versatile.

What tips should you remember when choosing the furniture in your hunting cabin?

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of taste. However, you could consider some of the next tips when selecting the furniture for your hunting cabin:

1. Neutral colors are a sure thing

You don’t want your eyes to be all over the place. Therefore, try your best to stay with the primary colors for the furniture. It’s the same for the lighting and accessories. Beige, white, black, and brown are and should be the most common choices for the furniture or decorations in your hunting cabin.

As we’ve mentioned, hickory is an excellent option for bedroom furniture. However, barn wood, rustic pine, and hand peeled cedar look beautiful in any bedroom from a hunting cabin.

2. It should still please you

Just because it’s a hunting cabin, doesn’t mean it has to be all rustic. After, it’s you who’s going to spend most of the time there. There are no mandatory rules or decorations that you must use for your hunting cabin. Don’t force it, if it’s not your cup of tea. As long as it reminds you that it’s your hunting cabin, it doesn’t have to have all the trophies and wood logs we’ve seen in most cabins.

In fact, a nice outdoor TV hanging off the wall can really add a touch of class. And you could also add some expensive speakers for a total experience.

3. Use some dramatic pieces, nevertheless

Something big and chunky will look great in any hunting cabin. A fragile table in the kitchen doesn’t fit the picture, let alone hold the big game. It would help if you tried to purchase heavy-weight and hefty pieces of furniture. Anything that works with your hunting trophies is a safe choice.

4. Lose the 19th-century vibe

Plenty of hunters out there think that hunting cabins should look like in the 19th century. They couldn’t be more wrong, though. The kind of furniture you want is something strong and sturdy, slightly modern, and rustic at the same time. There’s a risk for your hunting cabin to look like your grandparent’s vacation house when you only get rustic pieces of furniture.

Steel and various metals can add the modern vibe that you want in a 21st-century hunting cabin. Even if you buy a rocking chair, it can still have steel arms, for instance. Lighting can also be great decorations that bring rustic furniture into today’s world. Sconces with aluminum or brushed nickel finishes are precisely what a modern hunting cabin needs.

Or have a hammock both indoors and out for a more chilled presentation. They’re comfy and come in all sorts of colors. A great way to add some soft fabric too. A nice light tan one for indoors would really look nice in a log cabin interior.

5. Don’t overspend

Keep an eye on the budget when decorating the hunting cabin. There are plenty of options that look nice without emptying your wallets, so do due diligence when buying. Please don’t rush into it as you don’t have to finish decorating in a week!