The Best Golf Travel Bags Guide On The Planet!

Our Golf Travel Bag Reviews- You Only Need One Shopping Guide, This One!

If you call yourself a golfer, you know that everything that you use counts for the quality of your performance. You don’t just go ahead and buy the very first thing that you see on a shelf. You ask around, you ask for opinions, you gather all the info you need when purchasing your gear.

The golf travel bag makes no exception as it’s supposed to take care of your golf gear and essentials while you’re traveling. It’s not that you search high and low for the cheapest model, but rather that you do your best for finding a golf travel bag that is just as good as any of your gear or pieces of equipment.

Is there a thing such as a golf travel bag?

In all fairness, the variety of golf travel bags is impressive and may overwhelm an entry-level golfer. You can go with a hard shell bag which protects your golf gear, but you need to be aware that it’s heavy. A softshell suitcase is going to be lighter and easier to transport, but it’s not going to be as protective as the hard shell models.

There is no simple answer to the question, and you need to decide according to your needs and budget. Finding a golf travel bag that is tough, long-lasting, protective, and looks elegant isn’t impossible, but you should always leave the house with a free wallet for it.

For how long you’re traveling and how you travel also counts, with car traveling being less risky for your golf gear (you don’t need a hard shell travel bag).

All in all, you should pay attention to several aspects, but don’t worry. We have a comprehensive shopping guide for you to read down below.

How protective is the golf travel bag?

With your golf accessories and equipment being so precious and expensive, it makes sense that you want to protect it from any damage. A golf travel bag that takes good care of your golf equipment is fundamental.

You want it the top area to be tight, without any risk for breaking the club heads, with the hard case bags standing out as the more protective option, especially when not traveling by car.

What’s to say about a hard case travel golf bag?

The travel bags with the hard case are the no.1 choice when you’re traveling by plane. Airline companies cannot provide complete protection of your golf accessories from any damage. Most hard case travel bags come with wheels so that it’s easy for you to move it around, with minor risk for damaging the sticks or other golf devices.

The price of hard case travel golf bags may throw off some, as they’re more protective and more expensive.

It’s not only the outside that protects your golf gear, but also the inside. A hard case travel golf bag has a soft and flexible interior that is made with high-quality materials. The padding is going to protect the clubs.

The design and build are also to mention, as these bags provide generous space for organizing and storing your golf gear safely.

The hard case travel golf bags are heavyweight more often than not, but that’s a small price to pay when you know that everything is going to be okay with your golf equipment.

Should you get a soft case travel golf bag?

A hard case golf bag is also rather bulky, so moving one around in the airport doesn’t always go smoothly. If portability and ease of carrying count for you more, you should look for a soft case golf travel bag.

Lightweight and easy to move around with, the soft case golf travel bags are a popular option for a short trip when you’re not traveling by plane.

Soft case travel golf bags also come with padding inside for protecting your golf gear. They provide suitable space for your accessories, and some models feature wheels for straightforward transportation. Faux leather, leather, and similar fabrics are the most common materials used for the bags.

When to buy a soft case travel bag?

Despite of what one may think, the soft case golf travel bags are capable of protecting your golf gear. They’re a dependable option when traveling by car or when you travel for a short amount of time.

Lightweight and with a smaller footprint, the soft case golf travel bags shouldn’t be left out when buying.

However, if you’re going to travel by plane, you should look elsewhere. As a matter of fact, look for a hard case travel golf bag whenever you travel by plane or your trip takes a couple of days.

What’s the best golf travel bag for the airport?

In the case of American airports, you can take as much as 50pounds of luggage with you. It means that the golf bag and the gear inside has to weigh less than 50 pounds. You need to protect your golf accessories, which is why the hard case model is the safer choice.

If you do travel a lot, you may also want to read our article on the best snowboard bag for air travel here.

Is the travel golf bag easy to maneuver?

When you’re selecting your golf travel bag, how easy/difficult it is to maneuver the bag is one of the things many skips at times. For instance, if you’re traveling by plane, you want a bag that moves nice and smoothly around the airport. It should have a rugged wheelbase and handles for more natural pulling.

The bigger the bag, the heavier is going to be and you want something to ease out the transportation. Creating a balance between the weight and the size of the bag is a challenge for the manufacturers, for sure. It’s one of the main reasons for which you shouldn’t rely on a cheap bag-it’s not made to provide both.

You want your bag to move quickly or to be easy to pull when loaded- you shouldn’t break your back before your game!

What else gives the value of the golf travel bag?

No matter the type of travel golf bag you pick, you need it to be easy to carry around. A good pair of large wheels is going to mean the world when you’re struggling through the airports. For instance, large hoops made of urethane run smoothly, with easy-to-hide wheels being even more functional.

How much storage space should it provide?

It’s totally up to you, your needs, and your golf gear how much space you need in the bag. Even if more space is better at times, you shouldn’t fall into temptation and buy a large golf travel bag (unless you need it). Extra space means more weight, most of the time.

If you’re keen to organize all of your golf accessories efficiently, you should look for the models that feature many pockets (as long as you remember very well where you’ve stored your items).

Is a travel golf bag long-lasting?

You don’t want to go shopping very often. Therefore, you want a travel golf bag that takes the use for a reasonable amount of time. Even if you pay less now for a bag, you may have to go shopping any time soon when you get a cheap bag. Zippers don’t work or rust, the wheels don’t pull, or the bags are tearing during transportation. It’s what happens when you get the cheapest model out there.

Can you rent a golf travel bag?

With golf being such an expensive sport, we all know how challenging it can become to buy only the very best for your golf equipment.

If your money is tight, you may look for a business that rents you golf travel bags for a week or so. You may pay a little as $40 for a good golf travel bag.

Once the financial situation improves for you, it’s better that you buy your golf travel bag, especially when traveling a lot. It’s not going to worth to rent in the long run.

Is there something you should know before you go on a golf trip?

Buying a good golf travel bag is just one of the many things you need to take into consideration when traveling. You also need to learn how to pack smart and how to get everything you need for your game.

It’s not easy to leave what you don’t need, and it’s certainly not easy when you’re a newbie. From the basic umbrella to the extra clothes you should have on a rainy day, there are only so many things to address when traveling for your game.

Even if you may never need it, a warranty may give you some peace of mind, since you paid the high dollar for your gear. Since the baggage handlers aren’t going to handle your bag carefully, you need something to get you covered while traveling by plane.