Essential Camping Skills for ALL Beginners!

10 Basic Camping Skills You’re Going to Need to Camp

One amazing thing that you’re going to learn while camping is how to rely on yourself when you’re on your own in the middle of nowhere. No you-tube is going to teach you about the best way to start a fire, and camping (or any other sort of activity in the outdoor) is going to teach you to have trust in your gut instincts without any help from the technology.

In order to be able to manage out there in the open, you’re going to need to develop some skills. From learning how to get the right direction to learning how to stay warm on a rainy day, the set of skills that any good camper is going to develop is really impressive.

You know how to plan a trip

Camping isn’t always easy, and one of the main causes of unpleasant experiences is the lack of planning. You should have a clear idea about where you’re heading, what you’re going to do once you get there, for how long you’re going to be gone. You need to check the weather and prepare enough food and clothing. Have a plan for water or learn how to get it when out there. It’s wise to make a gear list for every camping trip and update it when you come back home.

Always remember: hope for the best, prepare for the worst! Any outdoor experience can go south pretty fast for so many reasons that don’t depend on you.

You should be able to pack your backpack correctly

At the end of the day, food, clothing, and shelter are what you really need while camping. One thing that camping is going to teach you is the true value of things. Once you’re hiking for hours with your backpack, you learn about the things you really need for a nice camping experience. And this includes buying a comfortable hiking backpack.

Packing your vehicle for a camping trip is fairly easy, but do you know how to do it when backpacking? The rule of thumb is that 25pounds or even less is going to work for a weekend trip. There are many tips to consider when packing your backpack, so do due diligence about it.

Remember to always get a first aid kit and learn how to use it too. If you’re planning meticulously, the risk for going through an emergency is rather low. This doesn’t mean that you should skip the first aid kid or the skills for using it.

You know about the direction

When you’re camping, having a good sense of direction is fundamental. It’s mandatory that you know where you are, where you’re heading to, where your campsite is, and so on. Getting the sense about your direction may even help you have a clearer idea about where you’re heading to in your life.

You’re a master at layering the clothing

Knowing how to layer your clothing is the most important way to remain dry and cozy while camping. Your layers have to be breathable and capable of maintaining the moisture away from your body. You don’t want to get chilled when it’s cold outside. If the weather gets too hot, it’s easier to get rid of the layers until you get comfortable again. Don’t forget about the base layer, and continue with the regular clothing.
You need warmth, wind, and a waterproof shell for the outerwear. The more you know about how to stay warm while camping, how to insulate yourself from the snow and frost, the more pleasant your camping trip is going to be.

You know a lot about the potentially dangerous plants

When you don’t recognize a dangerous plant, you may end up with diarrhea, an itchy rash, or even some intense dehydration. Knowing how to identify the poisonous plants, especially when you go to a new area, is one skill to have for camping.

You can definitely build a fire with no matches

Not only that, a camper needs to know how to build a fire without matches, but he/she also has to know how to find the best wood for the fire. The dry and old wood is your no.1 choice, so look for the dead lower branches. Some pieces of birches are great as kindling, and you may light some birch bark even after a couple of days of rain.

Building a fire with no matches is one skill that any camper is going to develop sooner or later. Some sticks and soft rock are needed for building a small fire. A magnifying glass or some polished aluminum is going to be helpful too.

Fire keeps you warm and the predators away from you at night. It can help you send signals when you’re lost and so much more. Building a fire with no matches is a fundamental skill for any outdoorsy person. And just to have a backup, a good backpacking stove can come in handy.

Catching fish or small animals is easy for you

Should you ever find yourself in a camping survival situation, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. You’re going to need to eat after some time, and animals are the most common solution (if you’re not a vegetarian).

An experienced camper is going to bring some fishing line and a couple of hooks as well. The fishing line is versatile and may be used for making some small animal traps as well.

You can find and purify water

It’s obvious that you cannot carry all the water you need while camping. Knowing how to make a solar still from a plastic bad or how to strain water through silver may save your life when out there. Boiling the water for purifying it before drinking it is the very last thing you should know about water.

Any good camper is going to learn about it as dehydration is one situation you cannot afford in the middle of anywhere.

You can find shelter no matter where you are

If you’re not happy with the tent you have (or for whatever the reason it’s all gone), you need to know how to build a basic shelter from some pine needles, leaves, tarp, or anything else that may work. When you’re in a cold area, your body temperature can drop really fast, so you should make a shelter asap.

You have knowledge of CPR

When you break your bone, rushing to the hospital is the most important thing to do. Until you’re able to get there, you need to know how to set the bone. Knowing the basic CPR and other first-aid basics are going to count so much for you and your friends.

The list of skills you need for camping doesn’t stop here for sure. You’re always going to develop new skills as nature has its own special way to teach us about life. Stepping out of your comfort zone and take a break from regular life is the most important skill that you develop while camping. No matter how overwhelming it may look at first, camping is going to teach you so much more about the most important thing: you and your life!