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Traveling is great, but you need to use the right items for having a blast every single time. One of the things you need to address is using the correct type of travel bag. Only taking a peek at the travel bags is going to give you some help. The diversity of models may intimidate one, but it’s not mission impossible to decide which one you need for your very next trip.


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What is a travel tote?

The travel tote is a rather large and unfastened bag that features parallel handles on the sides. Most of the time, the travel tote only has a compartment for storing your daily essentials. However, the travel tote includes smaller sections too so that you may also organize the essentials.

A travel tote is a no.1 choice when traveling as it’s a dependable carry-on. It provides space you need for your passport, wallet, electronics, phone, and anything else you may need on the go.

Let’s go farther with the details!

Tote bags are great to take on the beach, as you can use them for carrying a towel, some extra clothes, toiletries, flipflops and more. They’re highly functional and versatile

You may wear the travel tote on one shoulder thanks to its short straps. It has a simple structure, without including many pockets.

The variety of models and sizes make the travel tote a highly versatile option that you can use both when traveling by plane or running some errands in town.

From the typical canvas tote to take to the beach to the leather tote that carries your office documents, the travel tote is one bag that serves so many purposes.

How to select a travel tote?

Apart from the aesthetics (which aren’t fundamental for a travel tote), there are some essential aspects to consider when deciding:

  • Durability

You want your travel tote to be made of heavy-duty materials that handle excessive wear. Nylon and Oxford cloth are good options, and travel totes made of these materials present a tear-resistant build, without adding much weight.

Water-resistant or waterproof are features that count, especially if you go someplace where it rains a lot.

  • Size

The typical carry-on size limit for a significant majority of airlines out there is around 22 by 14 by 9inches. A travel tote that fits under your seat is also something to consider.

  • Security

Some travel totes come with anti-theft features, taking care of your essentials. A zipper or a hidden pocket are features that make a travel tote more secure. Look for a travel tote that has anti-slash material too.

One last recommendation before you go buying

There are many models to choose from, and you shouldn’t buy the very first one you see. A travel tote that has a durability feel to it is always a better choice, but you shouldn’t empty your wallet for getting it. You should still be able to travel after buying it!

TOP 10 Best Travel Tote

When you go shopping on a tight budget, finding a reliable travel tote is more challenging, but not impossible.

The Tote Bag 17 Inches Travel Shopping Business Handle Carrier is the perfect example of low-priced bags that can work for your traveling.

The travel tote is made with lightweight canvas material that handles excessive wear for a reasonable amount of time. It’s made with 600D polyester exterior an 210D polyester interior. It’s lightweight but perfectly capable of carrying heavy items.

The organization isn’t bad since the travel tote includes a zippered main compartment, business card pockets, and front slip pocket. You may use the side mesh pocket for carrying your water. The handles are wide, and the tote is comfortable to carry.

The travel tote provides enough space for various situations, and it’s easy to fold when not in use. Cleaning it isn’t going to be a problem either- throw it in the washing machine for a quick clean.

Let’s take another look at the good things:

  • It’s made with durable material
  • It’s lightweight but takes heavyweight items
  • It’s functional and versatile
  • You can machine wash it and fold it when not in use

The downsides aren’t something to worry about:

  • The material is rather thin
  • Some expected it to be larger

No matter the cons, the travel tote is a reliable option for many, and quite a bang for your buck too.

Don’t let the price of the H.K Tote Travel Bag, Beach Bag for Women fool you, as the travel tote is a pleasant surprise for the money.

The surface material is of high-quality oxford cloth. The travel tote is scratch resistant and waterproof, without compromising on the comfortable wear. It’s a double waterproof travel tote, and even the pockets are made with waterproof material.

You can organize your essentials very efficiently since the travel tote features multiple pockets and two small pockets on the side for a water bottle or an umbrella. You may carry your notebook in the large pockets on the front, and use the zippered back pocket for other valuables.

The strap design is attractive, so that the travel tote isn’t only functional, but also nice looking. It’s spacious and has excellent value for the money.

Here’s what we like about it:

  • It includes several pockets
  • It’s scratch-resistant and waterproof
  • It’s made with Oxford cloth material
  • It’s excellent value for the money

For this price, some shortcomings are to be expected:

  • The strap could be more durable
  • It’s a bit bigger than one may expect

The travel tote is functional, attractive, great for traveling and even keep your items dry. What’s not to like about that?

Whether you’re planning a day by beach or plane trip, the Carry On Laptop Tote Bag for Women’s Large Weekender is a solid choice to remember.

The travel tote is made with water-resistant canvas, which makes it so reliable for a day by the beach. It also comes with anti-rip dual lining for more durability. It’s quite spacious, and the two extra pockets inside are useful for carrying your smaller essentials.

The straps are comfortable as they’re made from PU leather. They don’t cause any swelling or redness when carrying the travel tote for a long time.

The travel tote isn’t stiff, but it can stand on its own. It’s pliable and has a sturdy feel to it. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to store in the overhead bin/under the seat when traveling. On top of everything else, it looks beautiful, which may seal the deal for many.

Let’s check the positive things:

  • It’s made with water-resistant canvas
  • It’s stiff but stands on its own
  • It’s spacious and works in various situations
  • It has inside pockets and looks great

We’re not concerned about the downsides:

  • Some think it could organize your smaller items more efficiently
  • The color may fade sooner than expected

Attractive, functional, and versatile, the travel tote isn’t one to skip on, especially on buying on a fixed budget.

If versatility is what you want the most from a travel tote, you got your wish come true with the Scarleton Stylish Reversible Tote Handbag. Not only that the travel tote is spacious and reliable for so many scenarios, but it’s also reversible. You may use and flip it just the way you feel like for the day.

The travel tote is made with high quality synthetic vegan leather and has an upscale feel. The material feels soft, and you wouldn’t say it’s not natural leather.

The magnetic closure is safe and easy to use, and you can carry so many items with the bag. It also comes with a coin bag with zipper closure. The gold hardware gives it

The shoulder strap is comfortable and has the right length (drops 9.5″). The travel tote seems very well made and ready to take the use for a reasonable amount of time.

We like some of the positive aspects:

  • It’s reversible and looks nice
  • It comes with magnetic closure
  • It features a coin bag with zipper closure
  • It’s spacious and highly versatile

The inherent problems aren’t something to worry:

  • It’s not as lightweight as a canvas travel tote
  • The reverse stitching is inconsistent at times

Elegant, versatile, and functional, the travel tote gives your travel experience a classic vibe, without even breaking the bank.

When you want your travel tote to be waterproof, the Waterproof Nylon Oxford Multi-pocket Tote Shoulder Bags is a choice to keep in mind.

The travel tote is made from high-quality nylon that is also anti-tearing, taking the full use. The inner top layer of the front book pouch is made with water-resistant artificial PVC coating. Therefore, even if the outside layer gets wet, the inside is going to remain dry. Not only that the material is wear-resistant, but it’s also easy to take care of and to clean.

The bag also includes zippered dome and rear pockets for your smaller essentials. You get plenty of pockets to organize your items since the travel tote features two open pockets and one zippered compartment for easier access. You may carry your keys or other smaller items in the side zippered pockets.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable in length, for better functionality. The travel tote is well made and has a good weight for its size. It comes in several colors to choose from, and it’s affordable.

Let’s sum it all up for the pros:

  • It’s made with durable and water-resistant material
  • It has several pockets to organize your items
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable
  • It’s well made and takes the intense wear

The negatives are minor:

  • It’s not as large as you’d think
  • The style is basic

Dependable, durable, and taking the excess wear, the travel tote is an affordable choice that is ready to take a beat.

The Ulgoo Travel Tote Bag Carry On Shoulder Bag is both functional and nice-looking, and many are going to find it enough for sealing the deal.

The travel tote is made with high-quality canvas and PU leather straps. The long strap is detachable, and it’s easy to attach its length for a better fit. The side straps are also made with thick PU leather, taking the long-time use.

You may carry and organize your items the way you need as the travel tote has a smart design and a good built. It includes one small zipper pouch for a small wallet and two small open pockets for storing your valuables (passport, keys, credit cards, and so on).

When you travel with a trolley, you may also slide it for more straightforward carrying. It’s larger than expects and opens wide. It’s lightweight and multi-functional, becoming a dependable option without emptying your wallet.

Let’s check the positive once again:

  • It’s made with canvas and PU leather
  • The long strap is adjustable and detachable
  • It’s lightweight and versatile
  • It’s larger than expected

We don’t change our mind over some minor problems:

  • It has a slight chemical smell at first
  • The crossbody strap is a bit long for some

The good outweighs the bad, which is why the travel tote stands out as a functional, dependable, and even attractively looking bag to buy.

The looks of the Travel Weekender Overnight Carry-on Shoulder Duffel Tote Bag is the first thing to notice. However, the travel tote brings many good things to the table.

Thanks to its design and measurements, you can use it as a carry-on item for most airlines. It includes an over the handle feature, with the backside sleeve allowing you to slide it over the handle of your rolling luggage.

It also has a padded tablet sleeve with detachable Velcro, fitting most tablets or small laptops. The zippered interior back pocket, interior front pockets, and exterior front pocket give you more organized space.

Lightweight and high for a good organization of your items, the travel tote has a durable build and is highly functional.

Some of its features draw attention:

  • It works as a carry-on item
  • It includes a padded tablet sleeve
  • It also features back trolley sleeve pocket
  • It’s lightweight and contains several pockets

Don’t stress much over some minor problems:

  • It’s a bit crunchy
  • The zippers could be better

Nice looking, without sacrificing on the functionality, the travel tote is always a good buy, especially if you travel with your trolley as well.

Anyone traveling regularly and worrying about their valuables should take a look at the Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tote Bag.

The travel tote is spacious and has a large compartment with zippered RFID blocking pocket and two top wall pockets (open). It also includes a tethered key clip with LED light. You can faster access some items in the front locking zippered pocket. You can also hide some things in the rear zippered pocket.

The travel tote is slash-resistant, and its shoulder crossbody strap is adjustable and easy to adjust for increased comfort.

The cotton canvas is thick and takes the excessive wear, with the rich suede trim expanding its lifespan. The matte nickel hardware and the classic pinstriped lining add on the list of good things.

The craftsmanship is impressive, and the travel is going to take good care of your precious items, for many years to come.

Let’s have a second look at the good things:

  • It includes several anti-theft features
  • You get plenty of pockets for organizing your essentials
  • It’s made with durable canvas
  • Its crossbody shoulder strap is removable and easy to adjust

Bells and whistles aside, here are the downsides:

  • It’s better that you don’t machine wash it
  • It’s a bit heavier than expected

Great for securing your items and taking the use for a reasonable amount of time, the travel tote is a wise buy on any given day.

Durability is the essential quality of the Travelpro Crew Versapack Deluxe Tote Travel Tote. Nevertheless, there are many other good things that we need to highlight.

The travel tote is made with stain and abrasion-resistant nylon. It’s a fabric that is ballistic and has high density, taking the excess wear.

The zipper heads are rugged and match the heavy-duty use zippers, ready for handling the daily use and abuse.

When it comes to organizing, the travel tote sure fits the bill. It includes an exterior side pocket for your umbrella/water and easy-to-access front pocket with the key fob. It has organizational compartments for many things you need when traveling.

The crossbody shoulder strap is removable and easy to adjust. The rear strap works with the extension handle of a trolley for securing the travel tote. You may very well use the dual handles or the padded shoulder straps for carrying it.

Compact and padded inside, the travel tote was tested and built for high durability and quality standards. You also get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • It’s made with ballistic nylon fabric
  • It’s sturdy and long-lasting
  • It provides excellent space for organizing your items
  • It’s dependable and versatile

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • It doesn’t include feet
  • It doesn’t come in colorful combinations

Subtle, reliable, and long-lasting the travel tote is a wise buy, taking the use for years to come.

The more you’re willing to pay for your travel tote, the more you should expect in terms of quality of materials, features, and overall performance. It’s the case with Logan + Lenora Daytripper that is loaded with great features for traveling.

It’s a lightweight and waterproof tote that is made with a poly-canvas that is both stain and water-resistant. The waterproof lining is excellent for keeping your items dry even when the outer part gets wet.

Organizing your items should come straightforward since the travel tote includes three rear open pockets. The middle pocket is easy to turn into a trolley sleeve, rending the travel tote to become more versatile.

The inner and outer waterproof zippered pocket fist a laptop (no bigger than 13″). The build is impressive, with double-layer reinforcing the base of the travel tote.

The poly handles are soft and made with extra excellent poly for increased comfort and durability. The water-resistant nylon zippers and the brushed gold hardware sustain the strength of the bag.

We also need to highlight the coordinating vegan leather crossbody strap and the tassel. They are stain-resistant, with the latter looking so cute on the bag.

The travel tote is machine washable and is worth every single penny.

Let’s check the right parts once more:

  • It’s lightweight and waterproof
  • It includes many pockets
  • The inner lining is waterproof
  • It’s well made and takes the intense use

The negatives aren’t significant for sure:

  • The straps don’t come in many color options
  • It’s not cheap

Sturdy, rugged, long-lasting, functional, and cute looking, the travel tote is one to keep in mind when you’re ready to splurge.

FAQs about travel tote

Q: How securing can a travel tote bag be?

A: Even if it may sound impossible, travel tote can take care of your valuables a lot more than you’d think. Look for the models that come with RFID-blocking technology, which reduce the risk for a pickpocket. A travel tote with RFID-reader from stealing your personal information (credit card number or passport) is something to look for.

Q: Travel tote or hobo bag? What’s the difference?

A: In all fairness, the hobo bag does look a lot like a travel tote. The hobo bag has its origins in the cartoon characters (the hobos), which tied their belongings in a nice-looking handkerchief, resulting in the hob bag.

Even if the shape resembles the travel tote, the hobo bag isn’t designed for traveling, but rather for some shopping in town.

Q: Are travel totes expensive?

A: It all depends on the material of the model and the brand. You may find dependable and durable canvas totes for $30 or so, but you may very well pay even more than $100 for a brand travel tote. The higher the quality of the material, the higher the price too.