The Best Portable Hammocks for Hunters & Hikers on the GO!

The Best Portable Hammocks That Will Last for YEARS!

We’ve all seen them in the movies or on postcards and wondered: what’s the story with the hammocks? Why do people feel so attracted to them? Are they really that comfortable?

General info about hammocks

Hammock History 101

The hammock (the name comes from the Spanish “hamaca”) is actually a sling made of rope, fabric or netting. It’s typically suspended between 2 or even more points and are a great way to relax, swing or sleep comfortably.

One or more cloth panels or a woven network of thin rope/twive is going to be stretched between two sturdy anchor points (trees or posts).

It was the native inhabitants of South America and Central America that created them for sleeping. Later on, sailors would pack them and take them aboard ships for best comfort while sailing. Soldiers and explorers started to use them when travelling in wooded areas.

Somewhere in the 20’s, parents in North America actually began to use fabric hammocks for containing babies that crawl.

Known for their amazing ability to relax you, hammocks are one of the lightest option for sleeping when camping or backpacking. Either way, they’re always a constant reminder of simple and easy living.

Is it good to sleep in a hammock?

People have been used hammocks for sleeping for centuries now and if you need more convincing, here are the main reasons for which you should try it:

  • Fall asleep easier

Relaxing in a hammock is going to help you fall asleep a lot faster than you would in your bed. Since the hammocks sustain the best position for your back, it’s natural that you fall asleep faster.

  • Sleeping position

It seems that our bodies need to be on the back with the head elevated at around 10-30%. Hammocks are going to put your body exactly in this position. No matter the bed you’re using, it’s going to force you into an unhealthy sleeping positions, whereas hammocks do a great job for your back.

  • Your sleep is deeper

Not only that you’re going to fall asleep faster in a better position for your back, but you’re going to remain asleep longer too. A deeper sleep means that you’re going to wake up fresh, well rested, less anxious and ready to handle intellectual tasks a lot more efficiently.

  • It’s really comfy

Truth be told, hammocks are insanely comfortable. Even if a good mattress is going to make a good choice at times too, hammocks are actually capable to eliminate the pressure points, which is always a good news for your spine and body.

  • It helps with insomnia

Even if we don’t have the scientific data to confirm it, it seems that hammocks are great for alleviating and even curing insomnia. As a hammock is going to help you fall asleep faster and for longer time, it makes sense that it’s also capable to alleviate and even eliminate insomnia for good.

  • It’s good for your brain

The natural swaying motion of a hammock is going to alter the brain waves which are going to strengthen your brain. This particular swaying is going to sustain a spindle activity and a slow oscillation as well.

  • It’s great for relaxing

some take their books in the hammock, whereas others are just going to enjoy the sky and the fresh air. Either way, reading in a hammock is one thing that you should try.

  • It improves your health

When you have a good sleep, feel relaxed and enjoy your time, chances are you’re going to feel better about everything and have a positive take on life. Positive energy leads to stronger immune system so you have better health.

What are the types of hammocks?

Let’s take a quick look at the most important types of hammocks out there:

  • Rope

This is the most typical hammock that people take on the beach. They come with spreader bars so that the lounging zone is open for support, easy dismount and plenty of flexibility. They have no room for warmth, but they do create a waffle impression on your skin.

  • Brazilian

This type of hammock is used a lot in colder climates. It’s made with a thicker weave so that the cold air doesn’t get through. They feature an in-line hanging system and don’t come with the spreader bars. Made from 100% cotton, they typically come in bright colors and are warm. They pose a risk for developing mold and mildew since they’re made of cotton.

  • Fabric

This type of hammock features the traditional spreader bar design. It’s supposed to be attached to a frame so that it cans sway freely without you tying it to a tree. It’s made with quilted fabrics which makes them warm and soft. They may not be the best choice for travelling because of the frames, but they’re great to install in your backyard.

  • Camping

Made from a parachute material, they are lightweight and great for camping. You may easily stuff one in your backpack and install it on all sorts of terrain. As the fabric is rather thin, they can get kind of chilly. A camping hammock may not protect you from the biting bugs, but you may very well do it with a mosquito net.

  • Chairs and swings

If you don’t have the space for a traditional hammock, this type of hammock is the right option for you. Made from vinyl fabrics or cotton, they’re a bit more stable than the traditional type and you can hang them from a free-standing frame or fixed point.

How far apart should trees be for a hammock?

In order to be safe, hammocks need to be hung really secure. The hardware you need has to match the size and the weight of the people using the hammock.

Drilling completely through a tree, running big eye bolts through the hole and securing them on the other side with some washers and nuts is the safest way of installation. If you cannot drill into the trees, you may use rope around the trunk, but you’re not going to get the same level of stability.

As hammocks come in so many sizes, the support distance varies as well. However, you may very well find out the best distance between trees by measuring the hammock. You should unroll it entirely (it has to lay out flat) and measure the distance from end to end (rings including). Add 1ft to this number and you obtain the distance you’re going to need between the trees.

Can sleeping in a hammock hurt your back?

Some professional sustain that lying flat on your back is the best sleeping position. Sleeping on your stomach is going to put too much pressure on your spine, causing a back pain later on.

As it forces you to sleep on your back, hammocks are really comfortable for anyone struggling with back pain. The situation is different if you’re dealing with scoliosis or pinched spinal nerve, in which case sleeping in a hammock is only going to increase your pain. If you have a pre-existing back condition, it’s best that you have a talk with your physician before trying on the hammock.

We cannot stress enough about the importance of a talk to a spine specialist if you’re going through back pain. There are so many ways to improve your pain and quality of life and you should see a specialist asap. Especially if you’re planning to install a hammock in your backyard.

TOP 3 Best Hammocks for 2021

   1. Honesh Double Camping Hammock with Backpack

For those of you that are looking for a hammock for the backyard or for a simple one for the occasional hiking trips, the Honesh Outdoor Leisure Double 2 Person Cotton Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock with Backpack is one winner choice.

Made of cotton, the hammock comes in pleasant color combinations and it’s great value for the money. As a matter of fact, it manages to be quite the surprise considering the buck you’re paying.

The hammock is tougher than it looks and it’s capable to handle weight up to 450lbs. It doesn’t compromise on the comfort nor the durability. It’s lightweight, tough and really easy to set up.

No worries about the cotton as it’s mildew-resistant and machine washable. Therefore, the hammock is really easy to clean and the color doesn’t fade out in time. the hammock is quite ready to take up a beat.

Presenting a dirt-proof and durable design, the hammock is easy to fold and to carry around. it comes with tough cotton ropes and a carrying/storage bag.

Hanging really nice and presenting a sturdy feel to it, the hammock is lightweight and quite a bang for your buck.

  • It’s made of mildew-resistant cotton
  • It’s lightweight, tough and portable
  • It hangs well and comes with carrying bag
  • It looks nice and seems durable
  • The cotton may feel a bit scratchy on skin
  • It’s a bit smaller than expected

   2. ENO-Portable Hammock for Two

Made with synthetic material, the ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for Two is a versatile and compact hammock that you should consider when hiking, camping or travelling.

The hammock comes adventure ready and it packs really small into its attached storage bag. Made from 70D high tenacity Nylon Taffeta, the hammock dries fast and it’s highly breathable. Although lightweight, it’s tough and can take weight up to 400 pounds.

Featuring aluminum Wiregate Carabineers and nautical grade line with Stainless steel snap, the hammock is safe to install to trees, boat masts, poles or even the wall. The triple interlocking stitching is only increasing its strength and expands its lifespan.

The attached compression stuff sack is going to fit in the hammock just fine, easing the transportation.

Versatile and tough, the hammock comes with an attractive price and doesn’t disappoint with its overall performance.

  • It’s made with tough, yet breathable and lightweight nylon
  • It’s very well made and takes the heavy-duty use
  • It packs very small and compact
  • It’s easy to install and really safe to use
  • Some think it’s a bit small for 2 persons
  • It doesn’t come with straps

   3. Eagles Nest Outfitters – ENO SingleNest Hammock

The more you’re willing to pay for your hammock, the more you should expect in terms of build, performance and lifespan. The Eagles Nest Outfitters – ENO SingleNest Hammock doesn’t come cheap and its price may throw off some right from the start. However, if you’re in for the long run, you should definitely stop sitting on the fence and pay the extra buck for it.

The Double Nest hammock comes with Insect Shield treatment, guardian bug net and rain tarp altogether. It also includes Atlas Suspension straps, a set of Easton tarp stakes and two steel carabineers that are tough and strong.

The Insect Shield treatment is made from 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta which presents efficient ventilation and strength, handling weight up to 400 pounds. The hammock is compact and versatile and may be the perfect addition to your backyard lounging.

Let’s not forget the ProFly Rain Tarp and the Guardian bug net that increase your comfort; no bugs are going to bother you and you get to relax warm and cozy throughout the entire night.

The hammock comes adventure ready and includes 9ft long straps that are made from long lasting polyfilament webbing. You may use them with any other ENO hammock.

The setup is fool proof and the hammock is easy to carry around too. Everything about it is high quality and the hammock is made for the long run.

  • It comes adventure ready
  • It protects you from the bugs too
  • It’s lightweight, breathable and takes the long time use
  • It’s reliable, versatile and easy to install
  • It’s a tad heavy for backpacking
  • It’s not cheap

Versatile, durable, dependable, comfortable, breathable – the list can go on for quite some time so it’s you to decide if you need more convincing than that.

Best Camping Hammocks

Capable to handle up to 500lbs, the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock is an amazing double hammock that fits 2 persons. Its size recommends it for use for two people, without having to fight for their space.

Mace with 210T nylon parachute fabric, the hammock is a great choice for hiking and camping and it’s fairly lightweight. The nylon cloth is mildew-resistant and quite breathable. The stitches are high-grade nylon triple interlocked, which increases the strength of the hammock.

You get everything you need for a fast and easy hanging setup. It shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes for hanging it on a tree or nearby objects. You’re getting the ropes, strips and carabineers you need for installation.

Buy from Amazon!

The double hammock is very well made and has a durability feel to it. It’s not only large, but also really comfortable. The edge of the carabineers is smooth and flat, which reduces the risk for snagging your hammock. The straps are long and the material seems really tough, ready to take a beat.

Hanging well and sturdy, the hammock comes in a small bag and has compression strap for easier transportation.

On top of everything else, the hammock comes for a great price and impresses with its overall value.

  • It’s sturdy, yet lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s very well made and has a durability feel to it
  • It’s large, easy to install and to pack
  • It’s affordable and great for camping
  • The breathability may be improved
  • The material could have a softer touch feel

Best Rated Hammock

The popularity of the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double & Single with Tree Straps speaks volumes and one may not even need the full description when buying. Made of high-grade and tough 210T parachute nylon, the hammock manages to be tough and lightweight at the same time. it takes the intense use without sacrificing the lightweight or the comfort in any way.

It comes with strong straps and tough carabineers and its installation is a breeze. You don’t need to tie any knots and its 5 separate loops are going to let you install it in all sorts of situation. This definitely makes the hammock check the versatility box as well.

Once you’re done with it, the hammock packs really compact and small into its multi-functional staff sack. You can use the sack for stashing your essentials as well.

Very well made, the hammock features triple interlocking stitching which increases its durability and stability. The fabric stretches just enough to provide comfort, whereas its bright colors may seal the deal for many.

On top of everything else, the hammock comes for an attractive price too.

  • It’s made with 210T Parachute Nylon with triple Interlocking stitching
  • It’s well made, lightweight, tough, versatile and packs compact
  • It comes with a multi-functional staff sack
  • The ropes are tough and long and the carabineers are strong
  • It may not handle up to 400lbs, as stated by the manufacturer
  • Some feel it’s too big for 1 person

Best Tree Hammocks

Comfortable and soft, the Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock – Parachute Lightweight Nylon with Hammok Tree Ropes Set is one valid option not to skip when buying.

The hammock comes with tough ropes and good carabineers and its installation is quite fool proof. It’s a great hammock to take when camping, backpacking, hiking, travelling or for a boat trip.

The design is really smart and the hammock comes with unique strap design, which presents a breaking strength of 1000lbs. The materials are premium 210T nylon, so the hammock is going to take the use for a good amount of time. The two high-strength carabineers and ropes ease out the installation and you only need to find two good trees for setting it up.

The stitches are very well made and the hammock’s build looks long lasting. Its stuff sack is sewn straight into the hammock, eliminating the risk for losing it. The hammock packs really small and compact and it weighs only 1.5lbs (ropes included).

The hammock is soft and comfortable and its breathability recommends it for the outdoors. The straps are very tough and the space is incredible.

  • It’s comfortable, soft and lightweight
  • It comes with ropes and tough carabineers
  • It packs small and compact into its sewn in stuff sack
  • It has a smart design and it’s easy to set it up
  • Some expected the ropes to be longer
  • The colors may not be true to image

Best Hammocks With Stands

If you’re looking for a hammock with stands for your backyard, look no more and take a look at the Vivere UHSDO9-26 Hammock and Stand, Salsa with Charcoal Frame.

The double hammock with stand comes in great color combinations and various materials, so take your time when selecting. You can have your pick between cotton, polyester or the weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric. No matter your final choice, the material is tightly woven with high-quality cotton thread so that the hammock is going to take the use and some weight too.

The stand is made of heady-duty steel and it’s fairly easy to set it up, without needing any tools whatsoever. Some may need an extra-hand for the installation as the stand is really big (take your available space into consideration as well when selecting). Once installed, the hammock isn’t going to be difficult to carry or handle around the backyard as it weighs only 35 pounds.

The hammock also comes with pure polyester end strings which are going to last for a long time. it comes with adjustable hooks so that you can decide and adjust easy how low/high you’re going to lay the hammock.

Comfortable and lightweight, the hammock also includes tree straps and comes with a carrying case, solving the transportation problem.

  • You may choose from different materials and many color combinations
  • It has a large steel stand that is easy to put together
  • It’s easy to install and to move around
  • It’s well made, comfortable and lightweight
  • Some expected the ropes to be better quality
  • The frame is long so check your available space before buying

Best Hammocks for Backpacking

Backpacking is great, but you do need to learn how to pack smart your gear. One of the big challenges when backpacking is the sleeping solutions that you’re comfortable with and one of them is hammock, for sure.

The Legit Camping – Double Hammock – Lightweight Parachute Portable Hammock for Backpacking is loaded with qualities and features that recommend it for backpacking, hiking or camping. Not only that is lightweight, but it also has a spacious design and takes up to 400-pound capacity.

The hammock packs compact and small in its tiny attached sack, which is always a good news for the backpacker. Once you’ve chosen your camp spot, setting up the hammock is going to be really easy. The hammock comes with rope, steel carabineers and tree-friendly straps.

Made from military-grade 210T nylon fabric, the hammock is long lasting, comfortable and really easy to take when backpacking. The material is soft and breathable, with some flexibility to it. The stitching seems durable and the hammock is ready to take the intense use from an avid outdoorsy person.

Rugged, yet lightweight and easy to pack, the hammock makes an incredible choice for anyone dedicated to backpacking.

  • It’s made with strong, yet lightweight nylon
  • It comes with rope, steel carabineers and tree-friendly straps
  • It packs small and compact
  • It’s breathable, comfortable and soft
  • The suspension system could use improvement
  • The ropes could be longer

Best Portable Hammocks

For those of you that are looking to hike a lot and value portability on a hammock more than anything else, the HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock with Hammock Tree Straps, Portable Parachute Nylon Hammock for Backpacking Travel is just the perfect choice.

Comfortable and capable to handle up the 500 pounds, the double hammock is going to fit 2 people really nice. Made with 210T nylon, the hammock is both comfortable and tough, taking the use for plenty of times. not only that it’s durable, but it also breathable, soft and mildew-resistant. The hammock is made with high-grade triple interlocked stitches which only improve its strength.

Easy to set it up and super lightweight, the portable hammock is great for camping and traveling. It comes with everything you need for an easy and smooth installation.  The straps are 10ft long and the carabineers are made of strong steel. The carabineers are safe strong and take 1000 pounds-force. They have no sharp edges that may snag the material or cause any discomfort.

On top of everything else, the hammock is easy to fold in its attached pouch. It packs really small and compact, taking so little space when travelling.

The nice colors and the smart design may seal the deal for many.

  • It’s portable, lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s tough and takes the long time use
  • It’s easy to set it up and to fold back into its pack
  • It’s tough and very well made
  • Some find it a bit tricky to adjust
  • The carabineer is a heavier than expected