Best Cold Weather Boots

Are you looking for the best cold weather boots? Do you want a perfect fusion of price and performance? If yes, then you’ve just landed at the right place.

From the plethora of products available in today’s market, we’ve prepared this guide containing some of the best products which you can purchase. Stylish, durable and high performing, these boots will keep your feet warm irrespective of the external temperature.


  • 1 Top 5 Best Cold Weather Boots Reviews
    • 1.1    1. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot
    • 1.2    2. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot
    • 1.3    3. Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot
    • 1.4    4. Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot
    • 1.5    5. Northside Men’s Tundra Lace-Up Cold-Weather Boot
  • 2 Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots
  • 3 Best Cold Weather Work Boots
  • 4 Best Muck Boots for Cold Weather
  • 5 Best Cold Weather Hiking Boots

Top 5 Best Cold Weather Boots Reviews

   1. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

When it comes to boots for cold weather, they should provide a proper amount traction to walk on slippery surfaces. Apart from it, should be well equipped to keep maximum warmth inside the shoe’s surface at all times. When users might have to walk on layers of snow while wearing these boots, the cold weather boots should be well designed to deal with such kind of use. And if you’re looking for one boot which can do all of it, have a look at the Columbia Men’s Plus III Cold Weather Boot.

Available in three stylish colors to purchase, these boots features a superior Omni-Heat lining to deal with colder outdoors. This is the kind of liner which will keep your feet warm more than 20% of any other insulation. It is a reflective coating which prevents the outside cold from entering inside these boots while keeping the foot’s heat trapped inside. As a result, the feet will stay warm without any external help.

Another thing which is quite impressive in this footwear is its waterproof construction. With an ankle high construction, the upper of this shoe is made of leather and Nylon which does well to hold water outside. Moreover, Columbia has come up with a special Techlite waterproof membrane to make sure that even that the boot stays waterproof even if the upper gets wet. So you can wear this show while walking on cold outdoors and no amount of snow can wriggle inside this boot.

The Bugaboot also incorporates a non-marked Omni-Grip rubber outsole which holds well on a wide range of surfaces. So when it is available in an inexpensive price range. So if you’re in search of a cheap yet high performing cold weather footwear, this one ticks all the right boxes.

  • 200g of Omni-Heat lining provides impeccable insulation
  • Non-marking rubber outsole stays firm on slippery surfaces
  • Fully Waterproof as well as lightweight footwear
  • Upper is a bit too stiff


   2. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

A boot which does exactly what is expected from it, the Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boots comes from a brand which has been in this business for over 100 years. When Kamik has introduced some of the finest boots to wear in colder outdoors in the recent era, the Greenbay 4 is yet another superior product from this company.

Designed for severe cold usage, this boot will protect your feet up to as low a temperature as -40F. With an 8mm interior liner made of felt, this shoe maintains utmost warmth inside it all times. This liner is removable as well for the sake of cleaning and drying. For further insulation, the Greenbay 4 has a shaft which is no less than 13 inches in length. Then comes the Nylon Upper which is sturdy enough to keep the external environmental elements – including snow, water, and wind – from entering inside this product.  All these features combine perfectly when it comes to stop snow from coming inside this footwear and keep your feet warm on a consistent basis.

One thing which users –living in colder environments – often complain about their boots is the snow wriggling inside from the top. However, the Greenbay 4 has a lace-lock snow cuff which is more than capable of keeping the snow at bay without any hindrance.

The sole of this shoe is made of rubber which helps you stay sure-footed even while walking on the snow or even on the slippery terrains. It also has a Velcro Strap so you can get in or out of these boots in a swift manner. In addition to that, such a closure mechanism delivers snug fit without any pressure points.

  • Extremely Cold Weather shoe, rated for usage up to -40F
  • Velcro Strap allows easy on/off
  • Flexible and waterproof upper helps you to move without any restriction
  • Weight can be an issue with some users


   3. Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

For a demanding customer, who has to wear his boots in extremely harsher outdoors, the Sorel’s Men Conquest Boot is packed with a handful of features. Coming from a Canadian Company which understands the idea of cold weather, this boot is specifically designed to serve the needs of those users who want to get on with their lives despite the cold. You can wear these boots even under the freezing temperature as its utmost insulation keeps your feet from getting cold.

Featuring a temperature rating of -40F, the upper of the Sorel Conquest is made of a full grain leather. Apart from its durability, this material is particularly famous for its extraordinary waterproofness. This boot also has a seam-sealed construction which means that water just cannot go inside this footwear from any portion of the boot. Moreover, the Conquest incorporates Thinsulate Ultra insulation which involves 400 grams of Polyester fibers for providing ultimate warmth.

Inside this footwear is the EVA Midsole which imparts all-day comfort to your feet while the rubber outsole grips well on some surfaces thanks to the multi-directional lugs. Both of these materials are waterproof, so even if you’re going to work in the extreme outdoors, this boot will protect your feet from getting wet.

Also present in the Sorel Conquest is a Steel Shank – for enhanced support – and a built-in gaiter with barrel locks to ensure that the snow won’t enter even from the top of this footwear. So if you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful boot for cold weather, the Sole Conquest can be your ideal purchase.

  • Non-bulky Thinsulate Insulation keeps your feet warm
  • Waterproof Upper, Midsole, and Outsole increases the durability of this product
  • Multi-directional lugs keeps you sure-footed even on the trickiest of surfaces
  • Liner is non-removable


   4. Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

The Canuck Cold Weather Boot from Kamik is yet another footwear designed for brutal weather. It is a knee height boot which is a huge plus for customers who’ve to walk through several layers of snow every day. As compared to the majority of the products in today’s market, this one is pretty affordable even for the budget oriented customers. So when it keeps your feet warm, it does so without even straining your bank balance.

Featuring Waterproof Nylon in the shoe’s upper, the Canuck Cold Weather Boot is equipped with a drawstring collar. Then comes the flexible Rubber shell, which just like the upper, is also waterproof. All these features combine effectively regarding delivering all-day warmth.

At a time when different manufacturers use different types of insulations inside the cold weather boots, Kamik has used a particular kind of liner named as Zylex. This liner incorporates several layers of Polyester with a single layer of thermal foil. The reason behind it is that when the former traps heat inside these boots, the latter comes handy regarding wicking away the upcoming moisture. So when the body’s heat stays inside, it eventually results in warmer feet on a consistent basis.

Coming towards the outsole, it is made with slip-resistant threads which make this shoe viable for usage on the slippery surfaces. As per the lacing mechanism, the use of D-Ring laces provides a snug fit to the owner of this boot.

However, one thing which users should keep in mind that the Kamik Canuck runs larger in size. So it is recommended to order one size smaller as compared to your actual size.

  • Removable liner boasts excellent insulation
  • Rubber Outsole grips well on snow as well as icy surfaces
  • Bungee Cords at the opening and ankle region provides precise fit
  • Not fully waterproof


   5. Northside Men’s Tundra Lace-Up Cold-Weather Boot

The Tundra Lace-Up Cold-Weather Boot is one of the least expensive products in this list. Even at this price range, this product boasts unscathed quality when it comes to delivering high-quality warmth in cold, wet outdoors.

Featuring waterproof suede and a Nylon Upper, this shoe has made use of a rather famous insulation known as Thermolite. With this form of insulation is pretty lightweight and flexible in itself, Northside has used just 200grams of it in the shoe’s construction. As a result, this footwear is rated for usage up to -25F, which even though is a bit less as compared to the products above but is still good enough at this price range. So when you’re looking to keep your feet warm within this temperature range, this boot does just that in an imperious manner.

Inside this boot is the comfortable Sherpa lined EVA insole which, for the ease of users, is removable. On the shoe’s bottom is the waterproof TPR outsole which makes sure that even while walking in damp conditions, no amount of water can enter inside this footwear. Moreover, this sole provides decent traction on wet outdoors as you can wear this shoe on all sorts of slippery terrains.

As per the design, users can purchase this product in either bark or dark brown color as it has D-ring lacing mechanism to deliver a precise fit. Also present in this shoe is a Pull-on loop on its rear portion which allows easy entry/exit into this footwear. So if you’re looking to shop within a budget, this might be the product for you.

  • Lightweight insulation keeps warm feet without causing feet fatigue
  • TPR Outsole delivers firm grip with the underneath surface
  • Inexpensive Product, Available in two stylish colors
  • Runs a little too big as per some users


Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots

In order to make the most out of your hunting, it is imperative that your hunting boots should be sturdy enough to deal with the cold weather and other environmental elements. If your shoes are uncomfortable, there is no way you could enjoy this outdoor expedition. So if you want your hunting trip to go uninterrupted, and that too under the falling temperature, have a look at the Guide Gear Men’s Guidelight II 6″ Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots.

Starting with their fool-proof insulation, these boots have made use of 2400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Monolithic Waterproof Insulation. With such a superior insulation, this boot will keep your feet protected from water as well as the outside temperature.

One thing which hunters often complain about their footwear is the lack of comfort. However, when it comes to this boot, Guide Gear has come up with padded collar and tongue to give unmatched comfort for the entire length of the day. The manufacturer also included a removable EVA insole in these boots which, in addition to wicking away the unwanted moisture, imparts further comfortability to these boots.

This hunting gear has made use of particular kind of membrane which is breathable as well as waterproof. For further protection, it features a gusseted tongue which comes handy when you’re looking to restrict debris/water from entering this boot.

When a hunter can come across a series of problems, the use of rubberized toe with a unique heel cap in the Guide Gear Hunting boots makes sure that his feet stay out of danger. Lastly, the rubber outsole is oil resistant so as long as you’re wearing these boots, you will enjoy a firm grip without any discrepancy.

  • High-Quality Insulation results in a fully waterproof Boot
  • Possesses unique combination of comfort and performance for a hunting boot
  • Lightweight Boots keeps hunters from foot pain
  • As far as the size is concerned, this is quite a big boot


Best Cold Weather Work Boots

The EVER BOOTS “Tank” Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Insulated Work Boots are ideal for all such customers who want a deadly combo of fashion and durability in their work gear. Apart from the fact that this is a durable footwear, these shoes are available in big fitting as compared to their counterparts. So if you are tired of your previous work boot that pinched, this is the product which can serve all your needs.

Having a stylish upper made of full grain leather, the ‘’Tank’’ Work Boots comes with a unique blend of style and extended durability. For the sake of convenience, this product comes with a set of speedy hooks when it comes to attaining precise fit around your feet. Moreover, it has a back loop which allows users to get in our out of this footwear in a matter of few seconds.

These Work Boots comes with a 3-month warranty so users can try out this boot and if anything goes wrong with the construction, they can return it for free. This warranty includes the upper’s performance, the outsole construction as well as the connection between the upper and the outsole.

When customers have to wear these boots for almost 8+ hours every day, the manufacturer has employed a soft, removable insole inside these boots to provide relentless comfort. The rubber outsole is slip resistant which is perfect for customers who’ve to work on slippery terrains.

Finally, this product can be purchased in two different colors as you can go with either dark brown or tan as per your choice.

  • 3 Months Warranty gives peace of mind to users
  • Stylish and durable footwear, perfect for usage in the workplace
  • Comes in Big-fitting, protects users from developing feet pain
  • Devoid of proper insulation for usage under freezing temperature


Best Muck Boots for Cold Weather

Featuring a rather casual look, the Muck Boots Men’s Excursion Pro Mid Outdoor Boot is a versatile footwear. You can wear this boot on some occasions, and even for hunting and hiking, this shoe does well to deal with the muddy or snowy cold outdoors. So if you’ve already used some Muck Boots in the past, this product should excite you.

Coming from a brand which started its business back in 1999, the Excursion Pro incorporates nothing but rubber in its entire construction. The rubber provides decent protection around the feet as it protects your feet from the harshest elements of the environment. On the bottom of this shoe is the EVA rubber outsole which does well to provide a firm connection with the underneath surface so you can even walk on the slippery terrains without any trouble.

This shoe is 100% waterproof, and it features preschool lining to keep your feet moisture-free. In addition to that, this lining is antimicrobial as well so when you wear the Excursion Pro out hunting; it protects your feet from all sorts of bacterial activities.

The Pro Excursion Boots come with a Pull Strap which is integrated just above the heel portion. Such a construction makes this shoe easy to pull on/off and it can also be used to achieve a secure fit. Furthermore, this product can be purchased in different colors as for the fans of hunting/hiking, it is available in Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Infinity apart from the regular black.

  • Press cool lining makes this shoe fully waterproof
  • EVA rubber outsole boasts decent traction on slippery outdoors
  • Easy to pull on/off with the help of strap
  • Some customers are not happy with the Pull strap’s quality


Best Cold Weather Hiking Boots

Available in two different colors, the Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boots can be your go-to boots if you want to maintain dry feet while hiking through the colder trails. At a time when hikers have to cover a considerable distance on foot, these lightweight boots allow them to do so without inducing any foot fatigue. Because when it is high-performing, it is lightweight as well.

Starting with the meshed upper, it allows the moisture to evaporate rather easily from the feet’s surface. Talking about the insulation, this shoe has tons of it thanks to the 400grams of synthetic insulation. When human feet exerts heat while moving from one place to the other, the reflective nature of this insulation makes sure that the heat stays inside this footwear. As per the external environmental elements, the waterproof shell is more than capable of preventing any amount of moisture from entering inside this footwear. So when you might end up with frozen feet while wearing other, poorly insulated boots, there is no such thing with the Moab Polar Boots.

Another beautiful thing about these shoes is their remarkable traction. Thanks to the ICE Grip outsole, you can even walk on the slipperiest of surfaces, and this shoe won’t slip around thanks to the ultra-high traction of the outsole.

The Moab Polar Boots comes with a decent loop at the back which makes it easy to pull these boots on without spending too much time/effort. It also has a gusseted tongue so when you step into layers of snow; it will refrain any of it to enter inside the boot’s surface. In the midsole region, these boots have made use of the EVA material which provides excellent shock absorption and protection to the user’s feet.

  • Superior-quality insulation helps you to maintain dry feet
  • ICE-Grip Outsole does provide excellent traction
  • Comfortable Footbed induces all-day comfort
  • Feels stiff at the start, needs some break-in time