Best Archery Target

Archery targets have been in the market for a long while now. The hunting culture is one of the most celebrated things across the world and many people still practice it to date. To perfect this skill, a crucial item that one needs is a good archery target to practice on. There are various types of archery targets suitable for different users’ experience levels and of different designs, because of that, you need to choose the best target for your level.

First, there are the 3D archery targets. These ones resemble specific game and wildlife shapes. They can look like a deer, a buck or turkey. They are fancy and most of the time they are almost the same size as the animal that they look like. The point of having a 3D target is to be able to practice on how to shoot at specific targets and to aim at specific spots. Most of these have the lungs, heart or kidney highlighted.

The second type is bag archery targets. These are easy to transport and are all-weather targets. They are highly stable and can be used to accommodate high-speed shots. Most bags are dual duty and they are very durable. Though they can be heavy this in turns lends them improved stability so they can be used without a stand.

Cube targets are dice-shaped and can be shot at from different angles. They are stable and provide enough flat surface for the hunter to shoot at. Cubical targets provide a perfect space for hunters to practice shooting at all angles and sides. Our criteria for reviewing the best products were based on the following factors:


    • 0.1 Level of sophistication
    • 0.2 Versatility
    • 0.3 Self-healing Ability
    • 0.4 Sturdiness
    • 0.5 Easy Arrow Retrieval
    • 0.6 Cost
    • 0.7 Ease of maintenance
    • 0.8 Arrow Speed
  • 1 Top 3 Best Archery Targets
    • 1.1    1. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag
    • 1.2    2. Block Classic Archery Target
    • 1.3    3. Shooter Buck 3D Target
  • 2 Best 3D Archery Target
    • 2.1    Rinehart 19111 NASP 3-D Foam Archery Shooting Target.(5.0)
  • 3 Best Archery Bag Target
    • 3.1    Morrell 131 Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target. (4.6)
  • 4 Best Archery Target for the Money
    • 4.1    Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target
  • 5 Best 3D Deer Archery Target
    • 5.1    NXT Generation 3D Inflatable Deer Target.(3.7)

Level of sophistication

For every level of expertise, there are different appropriate archery targets. There are targets that are suitable for beginners while there are others that can be used by experienced hunters who go into the woods. In any case, do not worry, because we provide this guide to help you make the right decision before buying.


Nobody wants a target that can only be used when its sunny or just inside the house. A good archery target should accommodate the use of different bows and by multiple users. Most of the products that we have reviewed are versatile and some can even double up as part of home-décor.

Self-healing Ability

With the countless arrows likely to be shot at any target, this quality remains one of the most critical ones. Otherwise buying archery targets would become a weekly affair. Self-healing targets last longer and keep looking new despite being heavily used.


For a target to survive use for a long time, it has to be tough. The tougher a target is, the longer it will take before needing replacement. All the products that we have reviewed are strong and can be relied on for long-term service without unnecessary repairs.

Easy Arrow Retrieval

In as much as we desire to see arrows hitting the target, we similarly desire that their removal should be easy as well. Struggling with arrows stuck in a target can be a very frustrating part of the practice and lead to decreased practice efficiency. All the products reviewed here have been designed with mechanisms in place to ensure that arrow removal is quick and easy.


One can only buy as much as their financial muscle allows them to. Before buying any archery target, it is good to consider how much it costs. In every financial bracket, there is a good product for everyone. Among our reviews, there are products one can buy on the higher end and others which can be purchased on a budget.

Ease of maintenance

One of the most frustrating things is having a product that requires strict or constant maintenance or requires spare parts that are not easily available. All the products reviewed in this guide are easy to maintain. You will be able to get any of the spare parts form your local supplier. Most of them do not need regular care or specialized skills to handle.

Arrow Speed

Arrows are shot at different speeds. It is important that you master the highest arrow speed that the target can take without getting damaged or toppling over. Targets are designed to accommodate different arrow speed limits. We have reviewed products with different strengths, from fair to strong. In our product compilation, we have the targets that can sustain even the highest speeds of 450FPS. This gives you an assurance that you can practice shooting at different speeds and still have your product intact afterwards.

Top 3 Best Archery Targets

   1. Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag

Yellow Jacket is produced by Morrell, a company that has been in this business since 1986 and is located in the United States. This is amongst the most-sought mid-range targets designed exclusively for field points. It is a product that will take hundreds of shots and due to being waterproof, you may leave it outside. As you would expect from the best bag target, it has two mounting holes as well as a handle so you may sling it around without any problem.


Its design features 5 targets on each side, totaling to 10 targets. Per side, it offers one hexagonal two rings bull-eye and four hexagonal three ring targets surrounded by a wasp. The bag measures 13 inches by 12 inches by 25 inches and works pretty well, making it a superb choice. The best thing about this product is that it allows you to shoot field point at a speed of 320 fps from 10 yards and only give you two to three inches of shaft entrenched in your target which makes it quite easy to pull out.

  • Very easy to remove the arrows.
  • Comes with mounting holes and carry handle.
  • Easy to find replacement covers.
  • Doesn’t stand up easily.


   2. Block Classic Archery Target

Block Target claims that this is the best two-sided target on the shelves today. It is a layered foam product which is designed to prevent the arrows from using friction. As the arrow enters the archery target, the speed of entry is reduced by the foam and your arrow becomes slower and stickier. Then once it settles, you can remove it with just 2 fingers. What is even amazing about this unit is that you can shoot broadheads into it and they will come out without any struggles.

It is better to note that this isn’t a self-healing unit and using fields points on it will ensure it lasts longer. Furthermore, avoid hitting the same place using broadheads as they might degrade it faster and cause high-speed arrows to go through it. This product gives you to sides of target faces, while the rest are used to hold it up. Finally, the unit comes in three different sizes of 22 inches, 20 inches, and 18 inches.

  • Suitable for use with broadheads.
  • It is a high contrast target.
  • It comes in three sizes.
  • You can only target two sides.


   3. Shooter Buck 3D Target

This 3D product comes from the reputable Field Logic. It is a life-size target with the surface similar to that of a buck standing 48 inches high. It comes with stakes in the base of its legs which you should use to secure it on the surface to avoid it from toppling over when you hit it with a fast moving or sharp arrow.

The important organs of a buck are presented on an insert which you may replace when it’s worn out at half the price of the whole buck. What is great about this target is that you can shoot it from any side.

  • It is very easy to remove the arrow.
  • It is pretty cheap to replace the vital organs.
  • Field tip and broadhead friendly.
  • Needs support to avoid toppling over.


Having looked at the top three archery targets, let’s now look at other units that will do the trick:

Best 3D Archery Target

   Rinehart 19111 NASP 3-D Foam Archery Shooting Target.(5.0)

Most archery diehards swear by 3D target archeries. This product is not just one that you will swear by but play and feel the thrill of shooting your target as precisely as possible. It is designed to meet all your archery needs, as well as making it easier for you to hit specific targets. The hunting season presents hunters with fun-filled experiences, and this product makes the dream come true for both the beginners and experienced hunters. With this product, your outdoor hunting experience will be redefined, leaving you with just the best memories there can be.

First things first, this is an all-weather shooting target. You will be able to use it in the rainy season, during winter and even bring it along when you are heading for your summer holiday. This makes it a useful addition to your leisure collection. This target archery can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is virtually indestructible, making it versatile and a worthy investment to have.

The target has an integrated stand which is built directly in the target. This makes it easy to assemble and store after use. It is available in multiple colors, which makes it easily visible and compliant with the standards and regulations of NASP. In addition to these, it is designed to allow two-stage inserting, which makes it easy to insert the yellow and red- rings separately. The target is constructed with a self-healing foam, which makes it preserve your expensive arrows and endure even after prolonged use. Interestingly, this target is made to handle filed points, expendables and broadheads. The product weighs 4.5 kg or 10 pounds and measurements are 40×25×40 cm or 16×10×16 inches.

  • It is easy to assemble with a two-stage insertion system.
  • It is multi-colored, thus easy to see and looks rather fancy.
  • It is easy to store because of its manageable size.
  • It is made of durable, high-quality materials.
  • It can be used by beginners and experts alike.
  • It is easy to remove arrows from and has a self-healing capability.
  • Slightly less affordable than the standard/average targets.


Best Archery Bag Target

   Morrell 131 Double Duty 450 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target. (4.6)

This is one of the best archery products to be made in America ever. It is made to meet all standards required for hunting practice and can handle even the highest arrow speeds. It is strongly built to ensure that you will enjoy practicing with your bow and arrow for as long as you shall wish to. The archery bag can also be used with a crossbow while practicing. It can be used for an air bow and a compound bow as well. This target is designed with the hunter in mind, even the most enthusiastic hunter will not be able to destroy it with countless shots from a thousand bows. This product has managed to compete favorably among the world’s most popular brands and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings from customers.

The target has a double duty feature so it has the capability to withstand the pressure that comes with the arrows being shot at it. The double duty feature ensures that it stands firmly on the ground even when hit with arrows coming at 450 FPS. The bag is not toppled and stands tightly on the ground. In addition to this, the archery bag is made of foam, which does not hold arrows tightly so removing them will be easy. The bag has bright colors which make it easily visible for users. Target identification also becomes easy because of its graphic visibility. The bag has multiple target points for longer periods of practice. The bag has a smart handler which makes carrying it around easy either single or two-handed. Also, its square shape makes it further easier to move around. It is suitable for outdoor use. The product target is replaceable and removable. Lastly, it weighs in at 16 kg or 35 pounds.



  • It has a feature to allow for easy removal of arrows.
  • It can stand on its own, one doesn’t need to buy a stand.
  • It is durable and can be used for many years.
  • The archery bag is versatile and has great graphic features for visibility.
  • It is an all-weather product and easy to maintain.
  • The target tips are only functional for up to 6 inches only. Therefore, it may not move all the way.


Best Archery Target for the Money

   Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

With the increased emphasis on embracing technology, it is easy for youths to abandon the physical recreational activities. Hunting has been a leisure activity since long ago and continues to be one of the most sought-after activities to date. It is a tradition that has been passed and still has its enthusiasts among the youths. This product is specifically designed to provide the best experience for young archers and at a very pocket-friendly price.  It is simple without much sophistication but it delivers excellently. For a buyer on a budget, it is the best asset to gift oneself.

After enthusiastically shooting arrows at a target, the next thing to do is usually to remove the arrows from the target. Nobody wants a target from which they struggle to remove arrows. Removal should be easy and use little effort for the whole activity to be worthwhile. The open-layered technology used in making this target ensures that arrow removal is easy while preserving the body of the target. This ensures that the target serves you for longer periods of time. It can only be used for bows of draw weights of up to 40 pounds and its measurements are 18″ x 16″ x 8″.

It has a tote handle for portability. On the other hand, it can be used for stopping expandables, filed tops and broadheads. It has a black and white graphic design for easy visibility due to the sharp contrast. It’s constructed with self-healing foam which makes arrow removal very easy. This product is great for young people who are still perfecting their archery skill in accuracy when aiming at targets.  For people who want to have a quality and durable target for less money, this is also an ideal product. Apart from that this product is a perfect idea for loved ones.

  • It is easy to remove arrows after use.
  • It is easy to set up and bring down.
  • It is small in size and hence saves on space.
  • It can tip over easily.


Best 3D Deer Archery Target

   NXT Generation 3D Inflatable Deer Target.(3.7)

This product is ideal if you have a kid who is enthusiastic about hunting. The product will help them have a fulfilling practical practice as well as hours of unending fun. The number one goal of any hunter is to hit the target; and a great way for your child to achieve this is by getting them this product. It provides the illusion of a real deer and placing it at your prime outdoor hunting ground will help them learn and practice how to aim and hit the right spots on the target. This kind of outdoor gaming will not only entertain your child but will also teach them essential skills such as risk-taking and exploring. It is also a good way of separating children from the modern electronic games.

This target is inflatable, which means that it can be set up only when there is a need for it. This helps in saving space as well as making it easy to store. It is easy to bring along whenever you are having a vacation or traveling away for a few days of outdoors fun. The target looks like a white-tail deer and measures 8 points. While fully inflated, it is 122 cm or 48 inches tall and the black target area is 15 cm or 6 inches in size which is permanently sewn into the vinyl. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The target is made of vinyl material, which is strong to avoid easy popping. While practicing on it, you can use hooks, loop foam projectiles or even suction cup darts on it. Real arrows cannot be used for this target as they will cause punctures, causing permanent damage. The product weighs 680 g or 1.5 pounds and measurements are 46 x 91 x 122 cm or 18 x 36 x 48 inches.

For the target parts, they are joined by seams for durability. The target has a valve in one leg and another one on the body for easy setting up and deflating. It is recommended for usage by children above 3 years.

The product is affordable and you can never regret having it. It is suitable for all-year use and delivers the best results for your kid’s 3D hunting needs. Apart from hunting, it can be used as a theatre prop as well or even part of home decor.

  • It can be used for hunting practice as well as house décor.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.
  • It is made of strong materials which make it durable.
  • It can be easily folded after use, which saves on storage space.
  • The target holds air well and can be easily cleaned.
  • It is an all-weather product, easy to use whether in the rain or on a sunny day,
  • It can be a choking hazard for kids under 3 years hence it should be kept out of their reach.