Best Archery Hunting Sights

An archery sight or bow scope or bow sight is a gadget mounted on a contemporary bow’s riser. It is similar to the sight seen in shotguns and rifles because it makes you aim better. Actually, it assists by showing you the exert position where your arrow will hit.

We all know that instinctive shooting is extremely difficult and might take years, if not decades, to master. But with the perfect archery sight, even a rookie in archery has a better chance of hitting the bull’s eye.

With that said, it is not easy to get the best archery sight and that why we made it our business to give you a review of the best bow scopes on the market today. We used the following criteria when reviewing them:


  • 1 Types of Sights
    • 1.1 Features
    • 1.2 Fiber Optic
    • 1.3 Bubble Level
    • 1.4 Gang Adjustment
    • 1.5 Sight Light
    • 1.6 Other Features
  • 2 Top 4 Best Archery Sights
    • 2.1    1. 3 Pin Bow Sight
    • 2.2    2. Field Logic IQ 5
    • 2.3    3. Truglo Rival Hunter
    • 2.4    4. Trophy Ridge Mist
  • 3 Best Archery Hunting Sight
    • 3.1    Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight
  • 4 Best 3d Archery Sight
    • 4.1    HHA 3D Pro 500 Scope
  • 5 Best Single Pin Archery Sight
    • 5.1    Apex Gear Convert 1-Pin Sight
  • 6 Best Archery Peep Sight
    • 6.1    RAD Super-Deuce Peep Sight
  • 7 Best 5 Pin Archery Sight
    • 7.1    Trophy Ridge Volt
  • 8 Best 7 Pin Archery Sight
    • 8.1    Axcel Armortech HD Sight

Types of Sights

There are different types of archery sights that you should choose from and every one of these sights has its unique features and benefits. The most reliable and easiest to adjust is a fixed pin device. This gadget is recommended for hunters because once you set the pin you don’t need to adjust it further. There is also a moveable pin sight which is perfect for long-distance shooting, as well as a pendulum model which is designed for shooting at a vertical angle. If you wish to constantly make a precise shot in target practice or in competitions, you should consider getting a sight designed specifically for sports.


There are hundreds of features that you should consider when going to buy a bow scope, and the right sight for you will mainly depend on where you are shooting and your budget. Bow hunters mainly prefer a gadget that is easy and simple to adjust so they do not need to be concerned about missing their target. Basic sights are generally more reliable and made to last longer, another critical feature you should consider if you intend to take your sight into the jungle.

That’s not all because there are other features that you might want to be present in your archery sight. We also looked at them when reviewing the best archery sight. They include:

Fiber Optic

Generally made from plastic or glass, a fiber optic sight is perfect for use in dim light. It comes with cables that capture and discharge ambient light that makes the pin to glow, making it simpler to line up your sight. Fiber optics comes in handy when you are hunting at dusk or early in the morning and increase the chance to hit the target.

Bubble Level

Shooters that use recurve bows often shoot at a small tilt, but this usually throws their shots off if they are using compound bows. A sight that features a bubble level aids to guarantee a straight shot, so you will always hit your target without the arrow diverting to the right or left.

Gang Adjustment

If you usually worry about compensating for elevation or wind you should consider getting a device with a gang adjustment. A gang adjustment enables you to adjust all the pins at ago, as opposed to individually.

Sight Light

A sight light is a battery powered feature that makes it possible for hunters to see the pin or pins when there is limited light. Although this feature is perfect for hunting at dawn or dusk, it might be dangerous and you should always check with your local authority to know whether you are allowed to hunt after sunset or before sunrise.

Other Features

While the above features play a key role when making your decision, there are other elements that you should consider. For instance, a sight made of machined aluminum is generally durable and lightweight. A device made of plastic isn’t sturdy enough, but it’s cheaper. Other products are made of both materials.

Some target shooters and bowhunters prefer using a universal sight, which allows you to use either your right or left hand. There are also sights designed for right or left-hand use only.

Top 4 Best Archery Sights

   1. 3 Pin Bow Sight

It’s unusual that our top pick isn’t a big brand on the market today. But this had to be on top as it has revolutionized the industry and even transformed how shooters and hunters view high-end sights.  It is both a smart and efficient device to use which is made of lightweight aluminum. With this sight, hard hits will no longer be an issue and the unit is made to last for decades. One of its main features is the windage and elevation that make it a piece of cake to shoot at any angle. The product also happens to shake resist. The other great thing about this sight is its amazingly affordable price, which has surely made it rise to the top.

  • It can handle long, medium, and short shots.
  • This sight is constructed to last for decades.
  • It is very easy to use, even newbies can use it.
  • It requires an Allen wrench for adjusting.


   2. Field Logic IQ 5

If field logic’s sighting genius doesn’t get you salivating, then nothing will ever make you. The developer made lots of great decisions that have made it a darling of many. One of these decisions is the built-in sight level, which might not seem as much benefit when you first get it but after a while, it will really work wonders. All you need is to keep on practicing and you will love it. The sight also comes with elevation and windage micro-adjustments that make it possible to adjust your device without any problem. The other great feature of this device is the stack tight pins which require no tool when locking their knobs. IQ 5 is an average-priced product that will offer you great value if you master its retina lock technology.

  • It comes in both left and right-hand
  • It has the latest retina lock technology.
  • The unit boasts of a built-in sigh level feature.
  • It might take longer before you get used to the retina lock.


   3. Truglo Rival Hunter

This device has made it onto our list, although it’s not always noticed by many people. It might be amongst the most unappreciated sights on the market today, yet it offers one of the highest user satisfaction rates. The easy to follow setup instructions on this device is one of the features that make hunters buy it. You can match your skills with this scope within seconds and get immediate improvement in your shots. Truglo can be used by both a left-hander and a right-hander with easy and it comes with a removable push-button light that makes it perfect for use in the dark. It is one of the average-priced sights on this list.

  • It is made of a durable stainless steel material.
  • It can shot a longer distance when you use the smallest pin.
  • It is ideal for use by both left and right hand.
  • Fewer user instructions compared to other sights.


   4. Trophy Ridge Mist

You can depend on this device if visibility is your major concern. It is a compact sight that comes loaded with great features to make your shooting a memorable experience. The major benefit of this unit is the 3 bright parallel fiber optic pins that make hitting your target or kill a single shot affair. The other great features of trophy mist are its unique reversible mount design and the multiple mounting holes that come installed. It is also a low-priced sight that will offer you years of services.

  • It is very cheap.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • It offers quick sight acquisition due to its green hood accent.
  • Made of a weak plastic frame.


Now let’s turn our attention to exploring some of the best archery sights that you will get out there:

Best Archery Hunting Sight

   Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

If you are driven by accuracy and victory, this is the bow sight you should go for. It is not just stress-free operating the bow, but also a thrilling experience that will make you believe that you can shoot at any target without the fear of missing it even once. The sight is a revolution to the target market which not only allows you to enjoy automatic features but also makes you more confident in your hunting game. One amazing feature of this product is that it allows you to fit your pins automatically without the hustle that comes with manual fitting. It is also automatically calibrated, which gives an upper hand to be more accurate with a very small chance of missing targets.  The automatic features also save you time and make your hunting experience better by far. The product is designed with several mounting holes which increase its versatility. It has .019 fiber optic pins which are very effective at gathering light sometimes even without using the rheostat. The bow sight is coated with a soft touch Ballistix which helps in reducing vibrations while using. It has built-in sight levels.

  • It is versatile since it is suitable for hunting.
  • It produces minimum noise while in use.
  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • Sometimes the mounting bracket can break very easily.


Best 3d Archery Sight

   HHA 3D Pro 500 Scope

This unit comes with a compact size that makes it fit for personal use as well as a great choice for professional competitions. Using this 3D sight incredibly increases your accuracy while shooting at targets. One good thing about this archery sight is that it comes with 10/32 receiver that is compatible various aiming points. Some of the aiming points that this receiver can accept include laser sight, single pin, and scope-style sights. The unit has 0.019 fiber optic which is 3 feet in length. One can use either a lens or natural light. This product is pricey but it is worth the money. Having it will introduce you to a new level of accuracy.

  • It is easy to assemble and set up.
  • It is durable.
  • It increases the accuracy levels.
  • It might be hard to operate for newbies.


Best Single Pin Archery Sight

   Apex Gear Convert 1-Pin Sight

This product works well with the appropriate bows and will just give you the best of hunting experiences, whether you are shifting from the multi-pin hunting sights or just starting an archery lifestyle by trying it out. Its ease of use is one thing that gives it a competitive advantage and keeps it relevant in a crowded market. The product has vertical and horizontal tilt adjustmentsThis feature makes this product outstanding in that it can be tilted up ways or sideways. Its aperture allowance is clear and gives you a precise view of the object you aim at without much stress. It is sturdy, as it is constructed with precision machined aluminum. It has rings which glow in the dark allowing the shooter to peep if necessary. It has a windage and elevation which can be adjusted microscopically.

  • It has a very clear target view.
  • No fear of selecting or using the wrong pin.
  • It can be used in both low and high light.
  • It does not have a rheostat.


Best Archery Peep Sight

   RAD Super-Deuce Peep Sight

RAD is premium, a good quality product that is designed to ensure that your front row keeps accuracy on point, as it is supposed to be. It is made to fit into the normal holes without much strain and facilitate a clear sight to the hunter. This peep sight is well rounded to allow for easier fixing. To add on this, it makes it preservative on the string since it does not cut the strings. The round shape is also well smoothed, making it easy to use. It is constructed using hardy aluminum, which makes it durable and strong. It does not need extra parts for it to be operational or for it to fiddle with and it’s tubeless, hence can fit in a normal size hole. The other great feature of this unit is the dual radius which helps in preventing cutting of strings.

  • The product is easy to set up and use.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • It does not deform after use.
  • It can get very noisy when using.


Best 5 Pin Archery Sight

   Trophy Ridge Volt

With trophy volt hunting sight, your shots will be as accurate as possible. It has the finest features to ensure that your view of the projectile is good and that you can still kill from various distances. This product is designed with reversible mounting capabilities to ensure that you can use it for either left or right hand. The sight features offset mounting holes which allow maximum flexibility while using it. For better accuracy, it has a laser-etched aluminum windage and it’s designed to allow for pin adjustments and elevation. The scope also comes with five medium 0.19” ultrabright fiber optic pins to enhance accuracy.

  • You can easily see its pin even when in dim light.
  • It can be used to shoot at different distances.
  • It has low vibration during use.
  • A bit expensive when compared to models in its class.


Best 7 Pin Archery Sight

   Axcel Armortech HD Sight

Axcel is a simple sight that delivers wonderful results. It has great features to save you time and will be operational at different light levels. This product is not just about the ease of use, but also the effectiveness while in use. It adapts easily to different positions and will make your hunting experience smooth and memorable. The fibers on this scope come covered in a thin tube and boast of interchangeable sights. Each one of its seven pins can be adjusted individually to different yard distances without having to adjust the sights physically. It also has an elevation and windage knob that can adjust up to 20 clicks per revolution. It can be adjusted to the 3rd or 2nd axis and can be set up between 20-80 yards.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is lightweight hence easily portable.
  • The pins are well aligned.
  • This device lacks a dimmable hood.