Best 7 Travel Magazines

Traveling is one great thing to do for your life and well-being. Not only that you see new places, meet new people, and escape from your routine, but you also learn so many things about life.


  • 1 Why is traveling good for us?
    • 1.1 It reduces stress levels and sustains your mental health
    • 1.2 You start to sleep better
    • 1.3 Traveling gets you in shape
  • 2 Are travel magazines helpful?
  • 3 What are the best seven travel magazines?
    • 3.1 Travel and Leisure
    • 3.2 National Geographic Traveler
    • 3.3 Budget Travel
    • 3.4 Afar
    • 3.5 Wanderlust
    • 3.6 Conde Nast Traveler
    • 3.7 Destinations

Why is traveling good for us?

On the off chance you haven’t traveled much until now, scroll down to find out why you should pack your bags and move on your next vacation.

  1. It reduces stress levels and sustains your mental health

Traveling can reduce our stress level, and it’s the most crucial benefit when you come to think of it. You take a break from your daily routine and adventure yourself into new experiences and environments. Everything related to traveling may reset your mind and body.


No matter how much you don’t like it, the mere aspect of planning your trip may have a positive impact on your body. It helps you feel good about yourself and gets you in a good mood. Also, your mind will go through some positive changes. When you have to adjust to new situations and meet new people, you become more culturally and globally aware.

Your mind stays sharp, you feel more creative, and you develop as a person.

  1. You start to sleep better

It makes sense that a lower level of stress is also going to have a good impact on your sleep pattern. We all know that a lousy sleep is going to get you cranky, stressed out, and ruin your day and performance. Poor sleep has an evil influence on our health, from increased irritability to lousy cognitive performance and decreased efficiency.


Adults should get a seven-seven and a half-hour of sleep every night. We all know that it’s a slim chance for that kind of sleep when you’re at home. You may be able to get so many hours of sleep when you’re traveling, though. And if you travel to the Mediterranean, you can even get an afternoon nap too (go figure!).

  1. Traveling gets you in shape

Unless you’re only sunbathing in your vacation, traveling makes you move nine times out of ten! Even if you’re going to indulge yourself some scoops of gelato, you’re going to be a lot more active when you travel.

Did you know that touring in Europe can make you go for 30,000 steps per day? Swimming, paddle boarding, and hiking are only going to increase that number, for sure!

Traveling should be a priority for people since it benefits the mind, body, and soul!

Are travel magazines helpful?

Not everyone has the patience and time to find the perfect destination for every vacation. After all, we’re not all travel guides.

Most of us don’t mind a piece of advice and asking our friends don’t always give the most objective feedback.

When you buy a good travel magazine, you see amazing photos of the places you plan on visiting, and you also read about it. A good travel magazine works as an invitation, without spoiling all the fun about a destination.

You want to get some glimpse of your next trip location, without finding it to be too familiar and boring.

There are plenty of travel magazines that have managed to discover the perfect balance between the right amount of pictures and objective journalism. Keep scrolling to find out our recommendations!

What are the best seven travel magazines?

Even if there are far more than seven travel magazines that tick all boxes, we’ve shortened our selection to just seven of them. It’s not a ranking, and each of our suggestion is a reliable source of information on any given day:

  1. Travel and Leisure

It’s one of the most popular and respected travel magazines out there, and leisure travel is its primary focus.

Fantastic photography and highly detailed articles on many places all over the world explain its popularity. More often than not, the materials also cover the local cultures, with works about the artists, poets, novelists, and non-travel journalists.


The magazine focuses on the experiences of the local community, and it includes stories about culture.

You can also keep in mind the tips and reviews of other readers, completing your idea about a destination.

The magazine has 12 issues every year and almost 5 million people reading it around the world.

  1. National Geographic Traveler

The magazine is related to the famous National Geographic. It contains high-resolution photos of people and cultures, which is the selling point. It captures the beautiful places from all over the world and also includes tips, tools, and photography suggestions. You can find out about the best places to admire local wildlife in various countries.

There are vivant stories, astonishing photography, and everything you need to know about planning a trip. Every issue includes a set of suggestions for lodgings, hotels, detailed maps, and exciting stories about vacations.

  1. Budget Travel

If your thing is to travel without emptying your wallet, this magazine should be your no.1 choice. The magazine is loaded with all the tips and tools you may need to create a fantastic journey while keeping an eye on the budget too.

You also get to find out the best-hidden places for various destinations.


The magazine reveals how easy to access some areas can be when using the right tricks. Its specialty is the US domestic travel, but it also contains tips on destinations from around the world.

The magazine is issued six times a year.

  1. Afar

It’s quite a new travel magazine, and it’s a multi-platform travel media brand. It guides readers to travel and get in touch with people all over the planet.

The travel magazine makes you fall in love with places and traveling by exploring various cultures and highlighting the particularities of every destination.

The magazine also has a non-profit organization that offers scholarships for student educational trips. It has received numerous awards within the category.

  1. Wanderlust

The magazine was launched in 2018, and its name says it all. There is also the UK leading travel magazine, which has its spot within the travel magazine world.

The forum of the magazine covers various information, helping one get all the needed knowledge when planning a travel. It also includes a digital scrapbook for storing your planning information. The Trip Finder feature is another handy function to use.

  1. Conde Nast Traveler

Winner of 25 national magazine awards, the magazine is famous and well respected. The writers are traveling on their budget, offering the readers the sincerest impressions of traveling. The magazine is connecting with the readers on a particular level, sort to speak.

The magazine contains photography from a traveler’s point of view, so the readers don’t have any bad surprises when traveling.

It’s understandable why the magazine is one of the most trustworthy options in the luxury travel world.

The yearly Reader’s Choice awards, along with the guides and essays, turn the magazine into one of the most favorite choices amongst travelers all over the planet.

  1. Destinations

If you’re looking for a digital travel magazine, you shouldn’t look any further. The digital magazine addresses the modern global citizen and catches his attention with the articles, photographs, and video.


The transparency of the magazine helps it bond with its readers on a higher level. The people behind the magazine do see traveling as one of the most meaningful activities in life.

The magazine inspires people and encourages them to be curious and adventure into new places. There are around 120,000 subscribers every month, with people aged between 20-45 as the primary target.

One last recommendation before you books your flight!

Traveling around the world is a lot easier than you may think. No matter if you go once a year or only any now and then, keep in mind that we live on a beautiful planet that offers so many amazing places to see.

The more you travel, the more open your eyes are going to be as you’re going to learn new things, try new tastes, meet new people. You may even discover your better half on the other side of the planet, but you need to get yourself on the move for that.


Only when you’re away from home, you may discover new things about yourself or the skills you never knew you have! Do you remember taking French lessons in high-school? What better way to practice than chat with some French people in a small village in France? Do you dream about cooking Italian a lot more often? Why not meet the locals in Italy and learn from them the secrets behind Italian cooking!

Traveling is going to get the best out of you, leaving you with a big smile on your face. You’re only one click away from becoming a better person!