Are You Spending More Time Hunting for the Perfect Chair Than You Are Your Prey?

The hunt is on…

Every huntsman knows how important it is to remain focussed on your game while out hunting, but if you’re uncomfortable, then that just isn’t going to happen.

And in the right conditions, hunting is one of the most excellent past times known to humankind.

Ensuring you have the perfect conditions for hunting is essential, and a proper hunting chair is part of that ideal hunting package.

Have you ever tried sitting for hours on bits of an uncut, rotten tree or other bits of debris that are just hanging around the forest?

How hard is it to focus on your spying your prey when your posterior is in agony?

If you are a deer hunter, the two things that can ruin your hunt are getting winded or being seen because of movement either in a tree or on the ground.

If you’re more of a turkey hunter, then you’ll know that keeping still and not being seen is your biggest challenge.

Trying to be invisible is hard if you aren’t comfortable because your back and legs are in agony.

With any kind of hunting activity, you’ll surely agree that it is essential you have the right kit to get you through the hours you could be out there.

Standing in your tree stand or hunting blind requires comfort wherever you can get it, and we think you’ll agree a frozen, numb bum or a mind-blowingly aching body is the last thing you want.

We’ve all been in the situation when we’ve had to cut short our hunt because we’ve become too uncomfortable to concentrate anymore.

The more comfortable you are, the longer you can sit.

But it’s also a common mistake to think any old chair will do as well…

Most hunters will fork out hundreds of pounds for the right tree stands, binoculars, cameras to mention but a few bits of essential hunting equipment, but when it comes to hunting chairs, they tend to forget that they are also an investment.

There are specific hunting chairs which are designed for the outdoor activities you enjoy, such as hunting deer, which we all know can take hours.

So, what should you look for in a hunting chair when your adventurous spirit is calling you into the wild?

It obviously needs to be up to the mark for comfort as well as practicality.

If you’re likely to spend a good 5 to 6 hours sitting around, then a blind ground chair is thought to be the best option.

They tend to be well built and sturdy and are lightweight and, best of all, silent even when you swivel.

You’ll probably want it to be well padded as well as portable – remember that numb bum.

A hunting chair needs to be versatile in a variety of terrains, so perhaps you’ll need one with telescopic legs, which can be used in sand, mud, and gravel.

The legs will also need to have flat-bottomed feet, so they don’t sink.



  • 1 Do you want your chair to have arms and a back?
  • 2 Swivel or not to swivel?

Do you want your chair to have arms and a back?

Arms and backs are essential for some hunts but aren’t for others.  Personal preference.

But they give you more stability and something to lean on as a stable base for your shot.

Transportation is essential – you’ll maybe need detachable bases so you can carry the chair easily, but you’ll want one which is sturdy enough to hold anyone’s weight.

You’ll want to be able to sit and lean back and wait in sheer comfort.


Swivel or not to swivel?

It can be great to have a chair that does if you are blind shooting, but they tend to cost more and are often weightier, noisier, and less stable than other hunting chairs.

They can give you a 360-degrees view of the area, which is essential if you’re trying not to disturb the animal you are hunting.

There are plenty to choose from in the hunting marketplace.

How to choose which type of hunting chair is suitable for you depends on the kind of hunting you’re into; turkey, deer, dove, fish…

Most hunting chairs offer cushioned seats and backrests, adjustable shoulder straps, and different leg supports.

The best overall doesn’t come cheap, but that’s usually for a good reason.

There’s a lot of big brands in hunting gear, and they often come with a hefty price tag.

But if you want an all-round hunting chair, then you can’t go far wrong with a chair like the all-rounder Millennium Treestands G100 – Ground Blind Chair.

It is outrageously comfortable, is well-built, sturdy, and extremely silent even when you swivel.

It might not have a stand for guns or bows, but as a comfortable, practical chair, it does the job magnificently.

As with all great things, it doesn’t come cheap, but it does tick all the boxes for the ultimate ground blind chair.

As you now know, all hunting chairs come in all shapes and sizes, and if it’s a nifty little chair, you’re after perhaps you should have a peep at one like the Rednecks Blind Portable Hunting Chair.

As we’ve said, comfort is a huge factor when it comes to hunting, and this little portable hunting chair offers just that with its padded seat and back support, as it has legs and a back, which are easily adjusted.

Being silent while hunting is essential, and this chair might not swivel but silent it is.

If you don’t have to sit for hours as in dove hunting, you‘ll not necessarily need a padded seat.

So, if this is the case, you’ll still need a chair that allows you to sit and be alert throughout the hunt.

You’ll perhaps need a chair with lots of different compartments for all those essential bits of fiddly hunting gear you need.

The Browning Camping Shooter Hunting Chair is light, compact, and has a fully insulated cooler under the seat.

Less expensive than many of the others, this is a relatively comfortable hunting chair for relatively long periods of time, perhaps more suitable for shorter hunt times.

Finding a good hunting chair is up to the individual – if you’re prepared to do your research and payout, you’re very likely to find something that works for you.

It all depends on what sort of hunting you do – remember blind shooting, trekking, etc. all require different types of hunting chairs.

Your hunting chair will make or break your hunting experience.

Happy hunting!