Archery Targets Buying Guide

The love for hunting has made archery targets available in the market for quite a while now, but what is an archery target and how it can help us?

These targets help archers gain a perfect stance and improve aim when hunting animals. Hunting has been one of the most celebrated sports in the world, and unlike the older days People hunted especially for feeding, now they hunt for the fun of it with people making bets or being paid for it. Due to this, archers need to improve a lot on their aiming skill, therefore, needing as much practice as they can get. Due to this, companies have made available different types of archery targets in other to get your game on. These targets have been manufactured to fit customers taste and experience. Targets from 3D, bag target archery and Cube archery.


  • 1 Types of Target
    • 1.1    1. 3D archery targets
    • 1.2    2. Bag archery targets
    • 1.3    3. Cube Archery Targets
    • 1.4    4. Paper targets
    • 1.5    5. Foam block archery targets
  • 2 What to know before purchasing an archery target
  • 3 Best archery targets to purchase in 2019
    • 3.1    1. Hurricane Bag
    • 3.2    2. Field Logic
    • 3.3    3. Morrell Double Duty

Types of Target

   1. 3D archery targets

3D archery targets are made for look like wildlife species. They could be either deers, bucks and even turkeys. They give the practice a more realistic feel as they actually imitate the looks and size of the animals you might wish to be hunting, therefore making it one of the favorites. Another benefit of this type of target is, it trains you on just how and where to shoot a particular animal. You get to practice your aim on areas of an animal that is sure to bring it down which includes the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

   2. Bag archery targets

The benefits of using bag archery targets have to be their ease in mobility. You can take them just anywhere you want which isn’t always possible with the 3D targets. They are mostly used to shoot at high speed, and they have a more durable lifespan compared to others. They also have a sturdy grip, and their weight comes in handy in making them stable enough to be shot without any form of support. Bag archery targets are mostly filled with porous materials such as synthetic fibers. It is also designed in a way that makes getting the arrow out of a target is made easy for archers.

   3. Cube Archery Targets

Just as their name implies, they are in the form of a cube, therefore, having different angles Fot shooting. This is beneficial in allowing a hunter practice attacking prey in different angles.

   4. Paper targets

Paper targets mostly sheets of archery paper, and they possess different types of shapes on them. They are mostly placed on a wall or anything with a solid backing, so it’s easier to shoot at. Another benefit of this is it isn’t for just archers as it also helps in marksmanship.

   5. Foam block archery targets

These archery targets are made of huge blocks of foam. There are different types of foams; some soft and others are hard. It all depends on what you’re looking for and the company producing them. But overall, the solid foam does a better job at helping you improve your target.

What to know before purchasing an archery target

Purchasing a good archery target could be confusing as you might not be quite sure of what exactly to get and what enquires you should make. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing an archery target:

  • Check the Size

Checking the size of your archery target is very important as it could reflect on your hunting target. When buying a target, you should remember that the bigger your target, the more it affects the weight, making it harder to carry about. And it also makes your target visible enough to ensure a proper aim.

  • Check the Price

Knowing the price of your archery target helps you understand if you can purchase it and if it’ll be worth it in the long run. Paper targets, for example, are a lot cheaper than getting foam or 3D archery targets. Foams are a lot more expensive due to the types of materials used in producing them. Same as 3D archery targets.

  • Check the Set-up.

Another thing to consider when purchasing an archery target is how easy it would be for you to set it up. To set up a target stands, walls or similar support systems are required. You would also need to carry the target, so if it’s too heavy, you might want to opt for another or get some help. Spending too much time setting up a target may make you too tired to even start practice.

  • Check the Durability.

When purchasing an archery target, you should be able to know just how long it would last. It’ll be quite expensive having to buy a target over and over again just because it gets bad easily. Target archery practice involves shooting quite a lot of arrows, and you need just a target that can handle the pressure.

  • Check the Arrow Removal.

Due to the fact you would be practicing with a lot of arrows, you need to be able to get those arrows out of your target and causing as little to no damage as possible. You also need to be able to remove the arrows easily as struggling Could damage the target over time.

Best archery targets to purchase in 2019

   1. Hurricane Bag

A Hurricane bag is a good target that comes in different sizes, and it also possesses two sides, a sturdy handle and is great for hunting practice as well as having leisure time with friends and family.


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  • It has a two-sided target 
  • The handle is strong enough for movements.
  • It comes in 3 different sizes.
  • Lasts a longer period of time.
  • Crossbows usually go through it.


   2. Field Logic

This is a 3D target practice to get you pumped and going in the field. So if you’re thinking of going for a hunting trip, it is advisable to go through this archery target practice first. It is a lifelike bull which gives you just as much thrill as hunting a real one. It also lasts a long time and has a good support system.

  • It is a Lifelike 3-D buck 
  • Replacing shooting cores is possible and easy.
  • It can use broadheads and field tips.
  • Has a preventive measure fro. Falling over. 
  • Arrows tend to get stuck easily, making it hard to remove.
  • It is difficult to replace a new core.


   3. Morrell Double Duty

A Morrell double duty is tough and is a great archery target for crossbow field tips. You also have different pictures so making it entertaining for leisure hunting as well as good for target practice.

  • It is really light to carry about.
  • Last a long period of time.
  • Possesses a sturdy handle which makes carry about easy.
  • You can replace bad covers.
  • The arrows get stuck easily, making it hard to remove and struggling may cause damage.
  • Not suitable for broadheads.